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    How long do the batteries last, really!

    I am just wondering how long the hybrid battery systems last really. I know some manufacturers say they should last the length of ownership, but I would like to know if anybody has any expirence with them. I want to know if anybody has any high mileage hybrids and if they have had a problem with the batteries.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I would love e-mail responses!

    Andy Young

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    How long do the batteries last, really!

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    How long do the batteries last, really!

    It's really hard to say since the batteries aren't that old yet. But as far as I know there haven't been any major problems with the Insight or Prius I batteries (the oldest (U.S.) on the market).

    Besides, this concern is negated by the long warranties on hybrid components, in green states it's 10 years / 150K miles.

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    How long do the batteries last, really!

    I read a statement fom the CEO of toyota that said they werent really sure how much the battery pack will retail for because"No prius customer has yet needed to buy one". I presume this means that due to faults etc some have been replaced under waranty but there have so far been no age related battery failures.

    Considering there have been recent SUV recalls of more than 3 million vehicles i think hybrid technology is performing fairly well. A few stalled prii is the worst ive heard so far.

    Even if we do start getting some battery failures in ten years or so, the curent advances in battery technology will probably mean many will want to upgrade their batteries. Lets face it, a Hybrid with a dead battery pack may be sought after for plug in hybrid conversion.

    One of the most annoying things in hybrid media coverage is that for comparisons of financial savings three years and 10,000 miles per year seems to be the figure to use. But when they discuss battery and component reliability then 10-15 years and 30,000 miles per year is barely adequate. I think some sort of standardised measure of total cost of ownership for 10 years should be published for all cars. Id be shocked if hybrids dont come out in front.
    Name one other curent model that sells used for above retail list price

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    How long do the batteries last, really!

    if different kind of batteriest lasts long do they add any chemicals to it?

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    How long do the batteries last, really!

    Li, the batteries are sealed - like ordinary flashlight batteries. The only chemicals added are during manufacturing.

    But I can report that my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid has almost 94,000 miles on it and the batteries are just fine.

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