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    Highlander CA carpool lanes

    Does anyone know if there is anything in place to get some of the other hybrids, like the Toyota Highlander, eligible for the carpool lanes in California?

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    Highlander CA carpool lanes

    It was a long hard fight to get carpool lane clearance for hybrids that get a minimum of 45 MPG. Getting clearance for hybrids that get less than that is probably out of the question. As far as I know nobody is working on it. Possibly you should ask your Congresscritter and Senators and state legislators.

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    Highlander CA carpool lanes

    Yes theres currently a vary large program in place that will allow all hybrids to travel in carpool lanes.

    Its called The "TRAVEL WITH ANOTHER PERSON IN YOU CAR" initiative, it has also been reported that for people travelling under this program fuel costs only $1.50 per gallon.

    I almost understand people who say they need large vehicles for large families or to carry large loads. But i think it should be illegal to commute in an SUV with only one person. Hybid or not.

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