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Thread: tire presure

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    tire presure

    does any body know the right tire presure for a 2005 hch 4door automatic in the north east

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    tire presure

    The pressure Honda recommends is on a sticker located in the driver side door sill.

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    tire presure

    I think it's 30 PSI. However most over inflate to improve mileage. If you do this you do it at your own risk.

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    tire presure

    The tires on my HCH were ok to inflate to 44 psi (max cold). I believe honda recommends 30ish based on things like ride comfort, handling, etc., not safety. Although over inflating your tires can make the car handle differently, it is not necessrily unsafe unless you find yourself skidding, sliding, or not breaking efficiently. I have tried several pressures in my HCH tires in the northeast and have found that 40 psi from spring through fall is suitable to my driving style and give me much better milage. In the winter i felt much more comfortable driving with 36 psi front and 38 psi rear. Using this approach i am achieving an overall milage rating on the car of 49.6 mpg.

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