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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    Hi, just wondering... we are moving to the Rockies, about an hour from Denver... Our commute will be going up and down about 2,500 ft daily in elevation. I just sold my 4 cylinder Dodge minivan because it was completely gutless and could barely go 35 mph up the hill!!! Anyone use a hybrid in the mountains? I am wondering if the fuel economy is worth it, I just don't want to be the dork on the shoulder of the highway going 35 mph anymore!!! Also, maybe it is the nerd in me, but I just LOVE the styling of the Prius! I am surprised to hear that people think it needs restyling. I would buy one today if I could test drive it up the hill!!

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    honda civic vs. toyota prius

    One thing to help avoid the fingerprints on the screen is to use the back edge of your fingernail. It has worked great. I hardly ever get any fingerprints. I do agree on the dim dash lighting with sunglasses on.

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    toyota and honda are both good car companies. It is all a matter of personal opinion. Doesn't matter which one you pick they are both good long lasting vehicles. I personally liked the HCH better than the prius. I just purchased my 07 hch yesterday and am averaging 51mpg. All that matters is...this is a hybrid forum so by wanting to know about and purchasing hybrid cars to drive is step forward to saving money at the pump, and protecting the enviroment. Every little bit counts. Your comparing apples to apples in the thread. Its really a choice of name and what fits your needs.

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    Both good, but i'll still go

    Both good, but i'll still go for Honda, i've been using this car for so long now....

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    I just bought an '08 Prius

    I just bought an '08 Prius and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I will admit, the HCH does win in the looks department. This is because the Prius design is based on aerodynamics. The Prius is aerodynamicly more efficient than the HCH. It also has a much more interior space than HCH. I can carry all the same things I could in my Jeep Cherokee.
    I have gotten good at diving the Prius, and I can now average 58mpg over combinations of both city and highway terrain. Out of curiosity, I went to the Honda dealer to test drive a HCH, and using the same hybrid driving tecniques, I could only average 51mpg. A 7mpg difference is HUGE over the life of a vehicle!!!

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    Both the cars have the same

    Both the cars have the same mpg.And they are the same in most of the situations.I would support prius as i like them most.

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    I can only provide my

    I can only provide my experience having driven both, and I am hands-down prefer the Prius.

    1) In 2009, I borrowed and drove a 2007 Prius for 4 months, and averaged 48 mpg, doing lots of stop & go commuter traffic. The current owner gets 50+, but commutes further and less stop & go. The one thing I really liked about the Prius in traffic is that the gas engine actually shut off and didn't restart it until it was about 7-8 mph - even with the AC on. The cabin was incredibly quiet. By the way, the current owner has never brought it in for a tune up and its over 80K. The pick up in the Prius was spectacular, and going 75 mph was just as easy for the car as 3 mph. Typical of the difference between Toyota and Honda base models, the Honda is plusher and has more seat padding inside.

    2) Currently, I drive a 2009 Honda Civic, 34K, and the IMA and engine light just came on. So here, I'm reading all the issues with the 2006-2008 Honda Civics. The best mileage I ever got in this car was 40 mpg, and now it's at 33 mpg. During the summer, I noticed the battery charge would just drop suddenly. The gas engine rarely shuts off. This Honda Civic also seems to strain now going over 65 mph. It just seems like the battery weighs it down to a point where it can only accelerate gradually over 65 mph. This Civic has always been dealer serviced including oil changes.

    3) The 2009 Honda Insight I didn't like because although it was designed like the Prius, rear passengers constantly hit their head on the frame getting in and out of the Insight. The Prius is just has that bit more needed head room in the back. After smacking my head twice, that was enough for me not to test drive it.

    Good luck in your search (Prius, Prius, Prius).

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