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    HiHy badging - can't Toyota do better?

    I posted this on the GreenHybrid.com site, and there were a couple of replies. Maybe it will get more exposure here.

    Anyone have any latest information on Toyota's ideas as to more prominent badging for the HiHy? I looked under the hood at the plastic cover for the auxiliary (i.e., battery) cooling system, and there's a b/w stick-on label (thin aluminum, or otherwise metallic?) that says "Hybrid Synergy System", but with no color and no little logo design. I'm considering peeling it carefully off and applying it to the back with double sticky tape for greater prominence. I asked my dealer's parts department about buying just the sticker, but you have to buy the whole cover for $190. !

    I understand that more prominent badging is being considered for next year's HiHy and Lexus. I guess the Lexus owners have it worse - - all they get is an "h" at the end of the standard badge.

    Look at the size and prominence of the badging for the Honda, or even the Ford Escape, for goodness' sakes!

    Anyone have a source for an after-market basdge, or is anyone making one, or does anyone want to go into the business (for love, obviously, not money)? Maybe we should just start our own independent or "club" badge or something, and design something cool and eye-catching. Let me know.

    I have considered a paper sign with "this car fights terrorists", "less oil used" or something, but it might be lost on (or mis-interpreted by) many other drivers. Perhaps bragging about the mpg and breathing easier, or the ULEV status would be more productive.

    Any other thoughts from anyone?

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    HiHy badging - can't Toyota do better?

    If you move to California, you can get these nifty yellow retro-reflective "badges": http://www.hybridcars.com/blogs/hybr...-stickers-came.

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