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Thread: Smart Car

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    As he said "The US emissions

    As he said "The US emissions require retuning of the cheap motor on the Smart which reduces its efficiency". Does anyone have the information on how to "RETUNE" the motor to regain the original 70 to 80 mpg? What has to be changed and or reprogramed? If you can get the milage back to where it was meant to be, the price is not so bad. Especially when you consider gas is suppose to be up to $6.00 per gal by year end.

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    Does anybody remember the

    Does anybody remember the Honda Civic VX. It was available in the early-mid 90's? It was a gasoline only engine and was supposed to get 72 mpg(Imp). The Honda Hybrids aren't even getting this, what gives?

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    what gives is: - pollution

    what gives is:

    - pollution controls (decrease engine efficiency)
    - air bags (add weight)
    - crashworthiness (add weight)
    - more power (less efficient)

    I also don't think it ever got 72 mpg. Maybe 50 (usg) in the US EPA test.

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