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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    I am planning to buy a Hybrid. BUT I want a Convertible!!! Does anybody know if a Convertible is coming out soon?

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Our 2006 Civic Hybrid is getting:

    Above 40 degrees = 43 MPG
    Below 40 degrees = 39 MPG

    We average 70% Highway at 68 to 70 MPH and 30% City driving of mixed speeds and traffic flows. We love the fact that if engine is warm there is not any unnecessary idling, in lines. Banks, drive-thru's, etc., the engine shuts off and all systems (heat, stereo, lights) keep working but no wasted gas.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    My 2005 HCH gets about 37.5 in the winter, and about 42 on summer gas.

    Econ light is always on, but my foot's a little heavy.

    Are you HCH drivers with 50+ driving manuals or automatics? Is there a difference?

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    How long does it take to break in an '06 HCH? I've got ~300 mi on mine, 10 days old, and I'm barely up to 35-36 mpg, from ~28 at delivery. WHats the deal?

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Sue, my wife's 2004 HCH with manual transmission gets 51-54 MPG. My 2003 HCH with automatic transmission gets 45-47 MPG. Big difference: She drives at the speed limit. We did a nose-to-tail 113-mile drive - she got 51.4 MPG and I got 49.9, which is about what you'd expect for the two different transmissions. (See my blog for April 20 at http://www.hybridcars.com/blogs/blog...th=4&year=2005)

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Sue and Mike, I've averaged mid-high 50's all winter and last summer averaged around 65MPG. My longest tank went for 941 miles at 69.2MPG.

    2004 HCH CVT

    Tips? Find some of them here:

    They seem to help alot of people. Even a Lincoln Navigator owner reported a 5-7MPG increase over a couple of tanks.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Thanks. I just filled up and figured mpg out to 36 even. My wife has been driving it to work and I've been trying to leave space in traffic, coast, etc. Is this a break-in problem that will correct itself or is there something wrong? I expected quite a bit better but its only got 296 miles on it.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    I use to get about 49ish per gallon on my Honda Civic Hybrid..but after getting my oil changed from Juffy Lube for the first and last time it went down to about 40,I do drive alittle crazy but what can I do, I am only 18. I plan on getting my oil changed at the dealership from now on. The right oil can mean alot when it comes to hybrids.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    too young, what weight oil did they put in?

    I have a 2004 HCH and it takes 0-20. I might be wrong but the typical Jiffy doesn't stock this.

    I'd check your reciept and/or call them to be sure.
    I wouldn't want something like 10-40 in my engine.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    I just wanted to confirm some of the comments about speed, especially driving the speed limit, to maximize mileage. I did some tests while driving on a flat freeway late at night with no traffic, and had the following results:

    55 mph = 55 mpg
    60 mph = 48 mpg
    65 mph = 43 mpg
    70 mph = 40 mpg

    This was on a cool, autumn evening with the outdoor temperature at about 50 degrees. According to tests I've seen, the mileage would be about 7 mpg higher on a warm, summer day. That would put these numbers right in line with those posted by Chuck above (on 11/29/05).

    "Your mileage may vary," but the point is that going faster really pulls those numbers down.

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