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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Buying a hybrid for environmental reasons is not so clear cut. The disposal of large toxic batteries could outweigh any emission benefits and therefore the environment would be harmed more than if someone drives a regular car. Has anyone seen any analysis on this?

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    On my 2005 2WD Ford Escape Hybrid, I have had 35.0 mph and 38.0 mph for my last two tanks. This is a mixture of driving in town and highway. The EPA ratings are 31 highway and 36 city. I'm not sure why people are complaining about the EPA estimates as I seem to be matching or beating them. Now if one of these car companies would just get a hybrid minivan, we'll buy it.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Hybrid batteries are:
    a: NiMH, hence non-toxic (as compared with the lead-acid starter batteries in most cars). They can actually be thrown in a landfill - legally if not economically.
    b: Recycled, just as are most lead-acid starter batteries. Their value encourages this even more than with lead-acid starter batteries.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    Question. I recently purchased a 2006 Civic Hybrid and my MPH right now is only about 36 mpg. The car is only in its first 200 miles, does it take a while for them to break in?

    Also..are all hybrids created equal? The disparity of mpg reports seems high. Do some just get better than others (even in the same model) like luck of the draw?

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    Where are u getting $3 a gal

    Where are u getting $3 a gal wow thats cheap

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    TCH only 400 miles on,

    TCH only 400 miles on, already getting 37 MPG average.

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    2007 HCH getting 51.5

    2007 HCH getting 51.5 average in town commute but have seen single tank averages as high as 56.5 mpg. Got a lot better after around 14K miles.

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    I just bought a used '05 HCH

    I just bought a used '05 HCH Automatic CVT from Hansel Honda in Petaluma. I live in a very hilly area. The car generally gets between 35 and 40 MPG. In flat areas maybe better. The car has so little power it can barely get into my steep driveway unless I floor it. Even in "L" the car is weak. Also, it feels "all over the road" and the cop who pulled me over agreed I was riding the fog lines. It's a smooth ride--I'll give it that. But the poor mileage combined with poor power makes me wonder if I bought a lemon. I feel misled by the stated ~49 MPG. Also people are swerving around me because I am driving too slow. I hope I get more used to it because as of now the car feels dangerous.

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    It takes about 3000 miles

    It takes about 3000 miles before you start to hit the sweet spot I found out.

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    I drive a 2007 Camry Hybrid,

    I drive a 2007 Camry Hybrid, I am currently averaging 35 in city and about 45 on highway, take in mind that i drive about 90+ on highway and a heavy lead foot in city. But if I have normal driving habits i get around 65 in city and about 55 on highway. When my more conservative friends drive my car they get 75 in city and 80 on highway. With my hybrid its all how you drive the car, you can't trust EPA for the fuel esitmates. You just have to learn how your hybrid system works and how you have to drive it to get the best mpg's out of it. I will soon put a K&N air filter in my car and a Tornado Air system in my car a total work price for 130.00 to help improve my fuel economy. They are another consideration to help improve your mpg's. I know they do work, I currently own 24 vehicles that me or my family drive regularly and have seen significant efficiency improvement of 6 to 12 mpg. From a 94 corolla to a 2002 porsche carrera gt, and even my 2006 dodge ram pickup 2500 mega cab diesel. All my vehicles have shown improvement with this system. even though i made these improvements, you still have to keep in mind,that the best way to get efficiency from your vehicles is to learn as much about it as possible and then learn to drive it to max efficiency. every vehicle is different. every vehicles has to be driven diffrently to get the efficiency you want

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