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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    51.2 after about 500 miles on the current tank. Lifetime average should be about 47.5 ( I'll have to check). 2006 HCH II

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    2005 Prius (landed in Jacksonville, Florida)

    50 mpg in Georgia, AC full blast, mixed commute.
    48 mpg in Alberta, Canada, Summer fuel, highway.
    42 mpg in Alberta, Canada, Winter fuel (high ethanol).
    42 mpg in midwest US (high ethanol), Interstate.

    Prius is lonely up here, TDI's all over the place, base price on hybrids in Canada 20% over US if take last years average exchange rate. Do the math ... and other Toyota's and Honda's don't have this premium. Probably why if you even wanted one and were willing to pay they are hard to find ... don't seem to want to sell them here.

    My other vehicle (Ford Windstar) tracked my mileage swings so I put it to weather and fuel blend.

    I am able to get 5 mpg by changing my driving habits but usually just drive with the traffic ... oil field pickups for local SAGD expansion.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    I just did a personal record last tank for distance, but not my MPG record.

    Beginning ODO 69,676
    Ending ODO 70,659
    That's 983 miles to that single tank and pumped 13.79 gallons to the rim for 71.28MPG.

    17 miles short of the 1,000 mile barrier

    Not bad
    2004 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    I am getting right at 50 MPG with my Honda Civic Hybrid 2006. Average since purchase is just a little over 48 MPG. Engine showed improvement in MPG just as 3500 miles were crossed similar to other reports.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    2005 Honda Civic Hybrid
    for about 17K mi, average 37.8 mpg, most of it is short distance, back roads
    for the past 2K miles (almost all hgwy), average of 42 mpg and that's with the a/c on
    i know i could do better but I like to speed and accelerate

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    HCH 2006 CVT. I have got an average of 36 mpg so far. I have gone almost 2000 miles. I drive about 60% interstate. So far I have seen about 28/47 for city/hwy miles. I am bit disappointed as I was told to expect low forties by the dealer, not the 50 mpg claim.
    I hope that the increase after 3500 miles happens. It would be a pleasant surprise.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    I have a 2005 corolla S automatic and just wanted to say that Ive been getting 31 in the city and about 38 on the highway at 65 mph on average. I guess thats what toyota said I would get so I'm happy. I still like the prius and hope to get one. I just dont like the beeping when backing up. Small price to pay.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?

    In temperatures less than 80 I can get 50 mpg easy in my 04 HCH CVT. Above that temp the a/c is generally running which pushes the mpg down to 45, sometimes 42. But in cool weather 50 is easy and I've had days with around 60 mpg. So the sticker is not off. I was afraid about that as well, but rest assured, responsible driving will get 48 and much more.

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    What's the actual mpg for all hybrids?


    Don't believe the hype. Sure, there are some people who don't match the EPA numbers. But what about all the people who drive non-hybrids who also don't get the mileage numbers shown on their EPA sticker. I own a 2002 Mazda Protege5 and can assure you that I have a LOT of trouble matching those numbers.

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