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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I've had my 02 prius for 4 years (87K) and I'm facing my first big boohoo: a blown compressor. It's around a $1300 repair and I'm pretty upset about it. When I brought the car in and described the syptoms (A/C light flashes and the system kicks off after about 15 min of driving in hot weather) the service dept guy said, "It sounds like the compressor. We just had an 02 in here last week with the same problems and that's what it was." Then he nailed me with the cost. Ouch. So. Has anyone hear of this as a chronic problem? I'm thinking of making a stink; after all, I bought a Toyota so this sort of repair wouldn't happen.

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    Please stop driving like an

    Please stop driving like an old lady and post the real fuel consumption of everyday driving. Personnaly I don't beleive in hybrids I'm more a diesel buyer. Hybrids are too complicated has too many parts that can fail and it's excessively expensive to repair plus most of the job must be perform by a Toyota technician.

    For maybe a couple of mpg less I prefer diesel the only complicated thing it's the injection system the rest is well known by most people.

    For the ones who live in colder climate the engine of an hybrid car will run until it's warm up or the battery is fully charge don't expect great milleage when it's cold.

    But still I can't believe why hybrid drivers are so cheap they pay big bucks for a car and then squeeze a penny on gas. Buy a corolla save 10000 to 15000$ when you buy it and with the money saved drive your car for years for free. A corolla will do a little bit less mpg than a Prius same apply for a Civic.

    Anyway it's a matter of taste and understanding.

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    I don't own a Prius but the

    I don't own a Prius but the business that I work for has one as a company car. I drove from Irvine to San Diego ( 86 miles) and the in car readout said that I got 60.2 mpg for the trip. 99% of the driving was on the freeway. I did really try to conserve fuel and drafted big trucks when I could. Is this normal?

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    when ur going thru town to

    when ur going thru town to get better then 46 or 50 the best thing to do is build speed very very easily u want ur current mpg not ur average but ur current mpg to almost match ur speed once u hit 43 MPH very very gently let off the peddle until all arrows are completely gone if nobody is behind u let ur car coast hell as low as 20 MPH if u got the time and u can use ur battery until the 3rd bar is left then gradually build speed back up to 43 but remember to keep ur current mpg and speed very close to the same then just do it all over again.... but if u see a hill comming up while coasting press the gas just a hair more to kick in just the battery to help keep the momentum going up the hill then u can let back off a hair til all arrows are gone.....

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    Hello I read what you have

    Hello I read what you have posted and I could not believe it. That is impressive. I was wondering what kind of miles were those. Do you drive on the highway or were those city miles.

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