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    the real Prius gas mileage

    After about 20 tanks on my 05 Prius, the difference between my "actual" and dash MPG has averaged +- 2 MPG (4% error). Since it varies both ways, the lifetime averages are almost identical. I'd say the dash accuracy on any one tank is not great, but over many tanks it's very good.

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    Good job on getting $500 off an '05 Prius, Yudah, because I had to pay list and wait 9 1/2 months to take delivery. I was perpetually "third on the list" for months, you know what I mean? One unscrupulous dealer 40 miles away said he'd get me a car for $3500 over list and let me go to the "top of the waiting list" if I'd pay the premium, but I've now noticed he is now just a Chevy and Buick dealer and has lost his Toyota franchise (how long before GM go out of business and he loses their franchises, too?)

    I got fed up with waiting, put in a 2nd Prius order at the dealer which replaced the unscrupulous one, and had both dealers literally telephone me at the same time (one on voicemail of course) saying my cars would be delivered the same day! Talk about a photo finish. The one would have been a 2 month wait, but the local dealer got the car first, so he "won the prize" of the nice profit margin (that GM, Ford and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealers would kill for - you know, not having to bribe people with huge incentives and most of the profit margin to buy crap?)

    The dealer 40 miles away gave me back my deposit no hassle at all.

    I'm getting between 82 measured miles per gallon (!) using some hypermile techniques, though the computer said 51 miles per gallon on those two tankfuls. Overall, I've increased my overall average from 49.1 to about 52, measured US mpg, using some techniques which I presume are similar to pulse & glide. I've notice the same as you, Yudah, that going up to speed (about 40) and backing off will often let the Prius go to battery only, and increase mileage a lot in town - assuming the battery is charged.

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    Glen, please tell me what hypermile is. I want to get 80+ mpg as well.

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    the real Prius gas mileage


    Thanks so much for all the helpful advice. Having read thru it all I've come to the conclusion that my 2005 Prius is simply incapable of 50 mpg.

    First a note on the difference between on-board mileage and gas tank mileage. I've kept track for over 15,000 miles. Gas tank mileage (combined town and highway) is pretty steady at 46-47, but on-board computer averages about 2 mpg higher. So, if I made the mistake of just reading off the on board numbers, I'd be nearly to 50, but, if I correctly check on gas I pump, it's not so good.

    Second, ideas on how to change driving habits to get better mileage. I'm a mileage freak and pay close attention to coasting, not driving too fast (72 mph on interstate and slower elsewhere), etc. But this car won't drive on electric alone. Any light touch to the pedal and the motor comes on. Maybe I need an adjustment, but I don't think so cuz often the battery is nearly total run down. Driving around town as often as not the motor stays on at traffic stops to charge the battery! Maybe my battery has a problem? When I drive down hill to Santa Fe, the drop initially charges the battery fully, I then note that the car drives on electric alone for about 4 miles, but after that, it's back to the gas motor.

    The real problem is driving around a small town where you never go faster than about 35 mph, and so never get into a high enough gear range to get good mileage. Coasting to a stop and then starting out again gives a net loss in mileage. Sooo, round trip to Santa Fe with battery charge boost, about 50 mpg, but driving around town, only about 35-38 mpg.

    So I'll go ask my Toyota Dealer if there's a fix, but so far they haven't been all that helpful.

    regards to all,
    Chick Keller

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    the real Prius gas mileage


    I have figured out why my 2005 Prius was getting below expected mileage. Tire pressure was far too low! I expected the dealer would check it but I guess they don't. I noticed that the rear tires were wearing too much on their outsides, a sure sign of under inflation and checked it. Even thought the tires didn't look underinflated, the pressure was around 24 psi. The manual recommends 33 back and 36 front. I put in 35 back and 37 front and voila--mileage jumped dramatically from about 46-47 to 52. In town mileage is up from around 36 to over 40. So check tire pressure. It makes a big difference.

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I live up a very high, steep, and winding hill, and am averaging about 36 mpg for the one month I've had the car. Generally, the mileage is good going down, but going up, I simply cannot "pulse & glide" as suggested and still get around the turns going up. Most curiously, though, is that when I start my car in the morning and creep through my condo's parking lot using virtually no acceleration, my screen shows I am using around 3.0 mpg. What's that about? I'm in the tropics (Puerto Rico), so it's certainly not cold weather. I hope it's not one of the glitches that warranted the recall!

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    TQC. Sorry for the delay.

    Hypermilers is a description some people are using for folks who are very good at Prius or Honda Insight or Civic Hybrid driving - and pulse & glide I believe is one of the techniques used. I haven't found a good written description of what it is - but knowing what I know about cars (some), I tried reasonably fast acceleration with the Prius to just above where I wish to go, then get off the go pedal and then lightly touch the go pedal - viola - if the car has been running for more than 5 minutes, my mileage soars.

    I can get 75 mpg while cruising at 45mph steady on the level with a decent battery charge already present (and it stays charged too).

    As for the first 5 minutes of driving, Ana, I've found it doesn't matter what I do to try to conserve, the first 5 minutes is always between 10 mpg and 30 mpg, usually under 20 mpg. I think it has to do with the gas engine running more and warming up. It's completely consistent, too.

    I live in Michigan but got my car in the summer so I've seen the same thing in the heat and the cold.


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    the real Prius gas mileage

    Pulse and Glide Marathon was conducted by Prius owners near Pittsburgh. The description is on the Toyota web site.

    It is under the Hybrid Lifestyle topic.


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    the real Prius gas mileage

    My wife was complaining about her Prius mileage with her current tank of gas. Her tires were at 26-27 pounds. Up to 36 now so she will be doing better.

    Normally her short commutes get her to about 49 mpg. When I get it out on longer drives I can boost her average to over 51. Those first five miles and short commutes are mileage killers.

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I can get 60 miles highway driving when on level terrain.

    The driver getting lower mileage in the city is simply not easing on the throttle. He is likely accelerating and then letting up and then accelerating. get to your speed and then ease up a little on the throttle. This engages the battery only and the car will run on battery only at speeds between 20 and 30. You always get 60 mpg if you do it right

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