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    HyHi having no brake problem here

    My wife and I bought a 2006 HyBred Limited Highlander July 17,2006. We have 9,000 miles and have had no brake trouble or even a hint of one. I think if you are hearing noise or experiencing trouble and your dealer says it is normal, go to another dealer. Gordon

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    Dear blogers

    I am so happy I came to this blog because I have been thinking about buying a hybrid car mylsef, to be more specific a hilander, and after all you wrote I guess I am going to wait for them to improve the brake system. Thank you all.

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    Hate the brakes

    I visited this forum for the first time today after abandoning my highlander hybrid at a local coffee shop due to severe problems rendering the car undrivable (will look for the appropriate thread to post on that--look out!). I have had the exact problems with the brakes grabbing, then letting go for a (terrifying) second, then grabbing again. I thought it was just me. Luckily I have not rear-ended anyone. I don't care if it is a predictable consequence of the dual braking system or not--this is totally unacceptable, and I would think Toyota would want to fix it before they get sued!

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    Brakes take some getting used to.

    Bought my HyHi July 31st '06(avg. 26mpg) and noticed the brakes felt alittle mushy compared to the '99 4-Runner(avg. mpg=17) I traded in. It took two traffic lights on the way home to get used to having to brake farther in advance than with the previous vehicle. 10,000 miles later no problems.

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    The Highlander (I have an

    The Highlander (I have an 06) is a *really* heavy car. Remember, its really an SUV. When the regen braking is active, this hides a lot of the braking force needed. On downhill drives, I've been able to max out the battery (combo of "B" mode and regn braking downhill). Once the battery is full, the regen system stops, and you can really feel the weight of the car. It is MUCH harder to stop. I often use "B" mode for long downhill to at least add some engine braking to keep speeds down. Arguably this charges the battery even faster. Though I would bet the brakes are "properly designed" to stop without the regen system, they are certainly much weaker that the combined system, and different enough to require significant adjustment to how you brake (and more space).

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    Dear Hi-Hy owner, I've had

    Dear Hi-Hy owner,
    I've had the exact same problem. I got my 2006 in 10/05, and have had numerous close calls, and have rear-ended others (very lightly) three times now. All three times it seemed like no matter how hard I brake, the car won't stop. I have now ruined my 21-year perfect driving record. What's wrong with this car?!

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    My 2006 hybrid toyota

    My 2006 hybrid toyota highlander did not stop a few weeks ago when I applied the brakes on a high way. The lack of brakes forced me into the next lane. My son drove the car a week later. He was cut off. He applied the brakes, again the car did not stop. He hit the cement guard rail incurring $4,000 in damages. We are truly thankful he is ok. I don't know what to do with this car now. I do not want to drive it again.

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    I am experiencing buckling

    I am experiencing buckling with my 2006 brakes when going downhill in the Portland Oregon area. I have noticed this for about a year in my 2006 Highlander Hybrid. I asked the dealer about it 6 months ago and he said he searched the Toyota database and did not find anything about this.

    Maybe I should post at the Toyota site?

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    Hi, This is an issue with

    This is an issue with 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid braking, the braking system doesn't work properly and and vehicle moves forward and this is intermittent. It been recurring for some time and the dealership(Toyota of Hackensack) won't acknowledge the issue. when you brake st times the vehicle continues forward like the brakes are not holding or no brakes being applied. AS you can see from the links below its not an isolated issue.


    Has anyone resolved this issue?

    Manoj Das

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