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    Stick With My Old Honda?

    I own a '96 Honda Civic DX that gets 38-40 miles to the gallon. I would like to get one of the Civic Hybrids but don't know if it's worth the extra cost if my current car already gets decent gas milage and is still running well.

    I'd like to hear from other hybrid owners on what they think.

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    Stick With My Old Honda?

    My personal opinion is that if you have a car that runs good, keep it running until it blows up. But set up a savings account to accumulate a down payment for your next car.

    "Good enough" is the enemy of "better."

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    Stick With My Old Honda?

    Paul has good advice.
    My '04 HCH replaced my '94 Dodge spirit but:
    *It had over 160K miles, unreliable
    *AC hadn't worked in years
    *Needed repair
    *Only did around 17MPG on my 100 mile/day commute.
    *Ugly, repainted 2x

    Additionally, if you're getting up to 40MPH in your DX with "Normal" driving you should be able to stretch at least 45-50 by driving for efficiency.

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    Stick With My Old Honda?

    i can speak from experience with both. my husband drives my old '93 civic lx. he has a long commute to work on 2 lane roads, and regularly gets 40mpg. i have a new hybrid, which is getting over 50. i traded in a CRV that was getting under 25. for me it's a great improvement. for hubby, we are going to drive that car as long as we can. it already has almost 200,000 miles on it and still going strong. i think you would have to consider the increase in the car payment vs. what you cav save on gas.

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