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    Anyone know how old this

    Anyone know how old this forum is? As in what year it was started?

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    You are kidding, right? You

    You are kidding, right? You guys are buying some of the most butt-ugly cars on the road today, and you are worried about placing stickers on it?
    You should be thankful that someone is trying to disguise your Bugly car and at the same time offering you the priveledge of riding in an HOV lane for which you do not qualify.

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    I just got through the DMV

    I just got through the DMV special processing unit, 916-657-8035, this is what she said:
    We are currently processing applications received in early June, your application was sent in in late July so expect another month before we can get to it! Today is September 1, 2010!
    Can you imagine, can you believe the efficiency of the good old DMV?
    Government is useless!

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    1st: its a friggin

    1st: its a friggin sticker... who cares its worth it
    2nd: the yellow stickers are for hybrids from 2004 and under
    whites are not hybrids
    3rd that sticker you have is now worth quite a bit of cash, they stopped making them in '04 so be grateful

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    Apparently, the Special

    Apparently, the Special Processing Unit is aptly named because it is indeed very special that they might actually process a simple application -- one that should take, perhaps, all of two minutes' time to process.

    I bought a natural gas vehicle more than 3 months prior to the expiration of the stickers on my hybrid Honda. Now, with only a month left to go before the hybrid stickers expire, I'm starting to worry that I waited to long to start the process!

    What could possibly take that much time? OK, it took 6 weeks to get my license plates, but they've had that information and my $8 check (which has not yet cleared) for about 3 weeks. They base everything on the VIN. All they need to do is type in the VIN, confirm the other information on the form, and press enter.

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    Last Day... My stickers are

    Last Day...
    My stickers are expiring... DMV website says AFTER July 1, 2011 I can be ticketed for using the HOV lanes, so I get to use them one last day for the dreaded San Diego-Orange County trek.
    Now, do I leave them on the car as a "collectible" or attempt to remove them and risk damaging the paint?

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    The ones that go on the

    The ones that go on the fender are about 2 inches by 3 inches. The ones that go behind the rear whiles are four inches high by about 6 inches long.Top Web Hosting

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    I checked my account, found

    I checked my account, found that the check had cleared on Mon 27th, and called dealer back,

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