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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    A salesman at Sunnyvale Toyota mentioned to me that the sticker quota is being increased to 100k, so no need to rush the aquisition of a Prius & sticker etc. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Nothing "official" has been said. It has been speculated that they may increase the stickers, but it also has been speculated that Caltrans may terminate the program at anytime, even before the Jan 2008 end date.

    Sounds like a typical "salesman". : (

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Here is my experience, like many of the others:
    1) 6/27/06, 1-day of intensive calling to dealers around Los Angeles.
    2) 6/28/06 purchased car (Toyota of Riverside, NO HASSLE, delt with Freddie-he's a straight shooter!)
    3) 8/1/06 dealer did not electronically register car, 5-week delay, but after persistant calls, they "walked the papers" into the DMV and called me with my plate #s.
    4) 8/4/06 - USPS Express mail check and form to DMV (downloaded form from DMV website http://www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/reg/reg1000.pdf)
    5) bit nails and watched this list-serve.....
    6) 8/17/06 Check cleared
    7) 8/19/06 STICKERS ARRIVED!!!!!
    Good luck to those of you still waiting, it apears there is still some time.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Has anyone had problems with their stickers beginning to peel off at the corners? If so, any suggestions on what to use to re-attach them? I have had my stickers for a year. Thanks!

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Thanks for the all the past notes on the Clean Air Stickers.

    Here is my contribution:

    8/7/2006 mailed the application (regular mail)
    8/18 Check deposited by DMV
    8/21 Check cleared from my account
    8/24 Sticker issued
    8/25 Sticker in the mail
    8/30 Got it today

    Sticker Number HE07226X.

    Good luck for those who are still waiting.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Hi all,
    Received stickers in the mail today: 72,6xx
    Good luck to those still waiting!

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!


    Did anyone, like me, resubmit the paperwork and a second check to the DMV after not getting the check cashed/stickers for 3 weeks, and then I received the stickers and they cashed and kept the second check... not that I mind the extra $8 (I'm saving about 40 min a day on my commute home each evening)... just curious if anyone else had the same experience...

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    If you don't like it, don't use the carpool lane.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I just sent my application in with all the required paperwork today (9/1). I know that I'm cutting it close, but I just got my licence plate and registration yesterday on my 2006 Prius. Picked up the FasTrak yesterday as well in person, and got it within minutes ...

    ... now I can only hope that they have any stickers left. Bad thing is, I hear that they 'expire' Jan 1, 2007 ... which is a rip-of if you ask me. That means after a little more than a year ... we all can't drive the HOV lane alone anymore.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Sorry ... make that Jan 2, 2008.

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