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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!


    this is from the fastrak website:

    What if I purchased my hybrid vehicle recently and do not have the DMV vehicle registration yet?
    If you do not yet have your DMV vehicle registration, the FasTrakô Customer Service Center will accept either:

    Your purchase agreement from the auto dealer with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) typed in by the dealer (a handwritten VIN is not acceptable), or

    The temporary registration that is affixed to the lower right-hand side of the windshield.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!


    Thanks for the info. Today i went to FasTrack office and got the transponder using sales contract.


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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I have stickers on my car but got rear-ended. Do the replacement stickers count towards the quota or am I "grandfathered in" if I order them after they run out?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I was wondering the same thing?

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    On the same application you used to obtain the originals, there is a check box for 'replacement'. It doesn not count toward quota.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I purchased the car on 1st of July. I insisted that the dealor registers the car ASAP which they did. I met the dealor at the local DMV on July 5th and obtained my plate that day and applied for the stickers that day. I got the stickers today on July 17th.
    By the way, I must admit despite driving like a grand-mother, I only get 42 MPG from the civic hybrid.
    Good luck to the rest who are still trying to get the access Ok stickers.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    What number was on your sticker?

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Sent my application June 26. Received sticker July 13. Sticker number is 66,4xx.

    How low can those stickers be placed on the bumpers? I would like to put them in the least conspicuous place possible (yeah, I know that's a near impossibility).

    Has anyone else heard those news stories (NBC local news station in LA area) in the last week regarding Cal Trans considering pulling the plug on HOV use for hybrids? Not sure if it was just the usual inflated news stories to gain attention or if there is a real possibility that they are considering this?

    I am not sure I want to put those stickers on if they are just going to yank the program soon.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Katrina, the sticker locations are clearly shown on the instructions (or did you get the instructions?). See http://www.paulburnett.com/sticker.pdf. You can put them as low as you want, but they should be immediately visible from a distance. See my blog at http://www.hybridcars.com/blogs/hybr...-stickers-came for a picture of where I put mine. I could have put them below that horizontal line, but I didn't think they would look as good.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Mioving to Kansas and Selling My 2005 Civic Hybrid with stickers!


    Please e-mail me at david_fleischer@adelphia.net for details -> if serious

    I am located in Orange County

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