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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I appreciate all the advice and posts above - but does anyone know if HOV stickers transfer in the S.F. Bay Area, where they -must- be linked to a FasTrak transponder?

    I have tried everything like *66 to get through to CA DMV hybrid line and never get anything other than a bust signal.

    please help!

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Anthony, if you have the four yellow CA DMV hybrid stickers already on your car (from somewhere else in CA, I take it) then you're already legaly ready to use the carpool lanes in the SF Bay area.

    Technically, you only need the special hybrid FasTrak transponder if you live in any of the immediate Bay Area counties. So if you're moving here, you may have to take care of that when you change your address with the DMV. Or not - they're pretty slow.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    My dealer just called me and said that my prius is finally in (I booked in October 05 !!). However it is not my top color choice (blue) or the package (NW). It is a black NL and the dealer says that he can install leather for the same price. Does anyone have a black? Do you like it? What leather looks good (beige or dark grey?).

    Are there still HOV stickers available? What about the federal credit?

    I believe that there are special steps to applying for a sticker if you live in Alameda county. Dis anyone compile a cheatsheet for the entire process? I can't believe how bureaucratic it is!

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Lola, take your license plate information as soon as you get it to the FasTrak office on Embarcadero in SF to get your transponder, then overnight mail your paperwork including your FasTrak paperwork to the DMV. Follow directions. Get back to us with specific questions.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    JW, What di you mean that we will have to take the HOV stickers off in 18 months. Is there something that i do not know about?

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Thank you all for sharing their stories and giving great advices. Here is the timeline for my new HCH.

    4/22 - Purchased HCH w/ Navi
    (Note: I took the advice I got from here to not filing the application until I got my license number from dealership)
    5/19 - Receive plate # from dealership (I kept calling them every few days or so starting late April, the lady who handles the DMW paperwork has beeen pretty friendly )
    5/19 - Sent application to DMW w/ my $8 personal check via regular mail
    5/23 - Received actual plates from DMV in mail
    5/30 - Check cashed/cleared by DMV
    6/01 - DMV mailed stickers per postmark
    6/10 - Received stickers #61,6xx
    6/12 - First day driving in carpool lane! (It surely helps because I have a 100 miles R/T to work every day ^_^)

    Best luck to you all!!!

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    JJF: The carpool lane sticker authorization bill in the Assemby expires December 31 2007. (That's been public knowledge since it came out.) All of us hybrid solo drivers are back in the slow lanes January 1 2008. That's what the law says. We need to start working _now_ to get it changed / extended.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Oops, I sent my application two weeks ago WITHOUT $8 check.... Fastrak web page doesn't mention anything about the check!!

    Will I just get it returned back? I guess so....

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    recevied stickers 6/8 #61,5xx

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Did anyone notice that Greg's posting on 6/9 stated he received sticker #63,XXX on 6/9 and msi's posting on 6/14 stated they received sticker #61,5XX on 6/8. Greg was that a typo? Or are we to believe that DMV is starting to issue 1,000s of stickers a day or they are higher up in the count than we thought. Anyone know? At this rate they will be gone early next month, but I find that hard to believe.

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