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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Can someone please explain the charge/assist indicator gauge in the HCH. I have read the manual but don't quite understand what the meter means when assist is green/white etc.
    Thank you.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    To everyone that does finally get them:

    Please take the time to put the stickers on your car neatly. After all the hassle we go through to get them, I just don't see how anyone can just smack 'em on any old way.

    I used some painter's tape and level to get them on nice and straight. Using the tape, I made sure that they all lined up nicely at the same height all the way around.

    Have some pride people!

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Just read an article in the SJ Mercury News today that stated:


    It also stated that 56,775 stickers have been issued, which is kind of weird because I received #60,4xx on 5/29/06. They have rejected 606 applications as not eligible.

    Their guess is they will run out of stickers by "the end of the summer".

    Article also mentioned that Toyota hit it's 60,000 hybrid car sale threshold, which means if you want 100% of the $3,150 Fed tax credit, you need to buy a Prius by Sept 30.

    Being a HCH owner, I don't understand why the Fed's jipped us by only allowing $2,100 for the Civic tax credit. Why does the Prius get an extra $1,050 credit? It's gas mileage isn't that much better, and it's probably worse on the freeway.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I LOVE DRIVING IN THE CARPOOL LANE!!!! Thank you to everyone for the all the great information and advice. Just received my stickers the other day and have cut about 20 minutes off my commute each way, not to mention the money I am saving in gas compared to my SUV that takes premium. Here is how the timing worked out:

    4/25 Purchased HCH (Big hassle, they sold the car twice,)
    5/10 DMV fees posted
    5/17 Receive plate # from dealership
    5/17 Overnight application to DMW
    5/18 DMV receives application (post office tracking said they received in the morning, but the person that signed for it actually got it in the late afternoon per the signature. Not sure if extra money to overnight is really worth it except for tracking purposes.)
    5/19 Receive actual plates from dealer
    5/31 DMV cashes check
    6/1 DMV mails stickers per postmark
    6/5 Receive sticker #61,XXX
    6/6 Am driving in the carpool lane with a big smile on my face!!!

    Good luck to those that are waiting for your stickers. It's worth the wait!

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Sent in Application: 5-17
    Check cashed by DMV: 5-30
    Received Stickers: 6-8

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Bought Civic Hybrid 4/27
    Dealer messed up registration first time (forgot to indicate it's a hybrid!)
    Called DMV 5/22--got my lic. plate # over the phone.
    Sent in application 5/24
    Received plates from DMV 6/5
    Got stickers 6/9, # 63,XXX
    DMV still hasn't cashed the check!

    Good luck to everyone waiting!

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I just bought a used 2005 civic hybrid. It only has three yellow stickers. One on the rear bumper and two on the sides of the back bumper. Every other car I see also has one on the front. The dealer told me that at the beginning of the program they were only issuing 3 per car and that I'd be fine to use the HOV lane with only three stickers.

    Does anyone know anything about this? Do I need to apply for a replacement sticker or will I be ok with just three?


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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Heather, as usual the dealer is lying. There were four stickers from the beginning of the program. In my humble opinion it is the dealer's responsibility to get your replacement sticker - essentially your dealer has sold you a defective vehicle (only three of the four required stickers) and the dealer has to remedy this deficiency. Let them deal with the DMV. Good luck.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I called a California CHP friend and asked him if he would ticket a hybrid with only 2 or 3 stickers and he said yes. I asked him if he would ticket a hybrid that had stickers in the windows instead of the fenders and he said yes. He also said that his fellow officers would and have ticketed hybrids for not applying the stickers correctly. The instructions that come with the stickers from the DMV are very clear and all 4 are needed in the proper place so that a CHP can see them from any angle. Get over it and just put the stickers on as they should be. We will all be tacking them off in 18 months anyway so enjoy them while you can.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I found a great article on how the Hybrid works if anywone is insterested. Be sure to click on NEXT PAGE when you get to the bottom.

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