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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    but the thing that would matter is that I have my stickers, right? If I crossed the carpool booth in my hybrid without the stickers, that would be the problem. So it was legal that I crossed the bridge with my stickers.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I wouldn't say it's legal. It's just that the probability of getting caught is low. If you're a good citizen, I assume you can call them up to let them charge the toll.

    Maybe they do have cameras to count the passenger number. For the regular carpool enforcement. But I highly doubt it. Most time it's a CHP officer sitting there for this purpose.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    yeah thats what I did.

    it was just me going solo in the car.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Latest news:

    According to the DMV, 68,335 stickers have been issued to hybrid vehicle owners who have met the strict requirements for access to the HOV/carpool lane. AB 2628 authorizes the DMV to issue HOV stickers only up to the 75,000 statutory threshold. Current HOV sticker owners will be allowed use of the carpool lane until January 1, 2008.

    Two of the most common questions:

    What happens when a car is sold?
    Stickers are issued to the vehicle, not to the registered owner. Therefore, the new owners have the continued use of those stickers up until the date the program ends.

    Can a person apply for an HOV decal sticker with a temporary license plate and VIN registration?
    No. The DMV must have the vehicle registration record on their database to identify the vehicle to which the decal is being issued. No record exists until the plates and stickers and registration card are issued.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    care to provide the source?

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Here is my last minute sticker effort:

    9/7 Bought Prius, agreed to pay $28 for "electronic filing" to expeidate the DMV process
    9/8 dealer deposit the personal check; went SF for fastrack
    9/9 sent sticker application with "electronic filing" in the license plate entry
    9/11 vehicle purchase personal check cleared
    9/12 faxed cleared check to dealer, dealer started "electronic filing"
    9/12 checked carfax.com, 1 record existed
    9/13 called DMV, plates issued, can not give plate number over the phone; called dealer and got plate number, later got plates from dealer

    Should I sent in second application with plate number? any comment?

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Absolutely send a second application - the worst case is that it ends up costing you an extra $8 because both checks get cashed. If you don't send in a second app, the worst case is that your first one gets rejected, but by the time you learn of this all stickers are gone.

    I recommend checking your checking acct tomorrow to see if the first check has cleared. If it has, you're good, but if it hasn't, I'd immediately send in a second application including your plate numbers.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Oops, I should have looked at your dates more closely. You're probably fine given there's only a 2 business day gap between the day you mailed the app and the day your plates were issued. Nonetheless, if it were me I'd still send an extra app with the plate numbers just to be sure.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I probably should not have done this, but I waited until Toyota officially transferred title
    to my name before sending for the stickers. Essentially all licence, title and fastrack
    requirements were fully completed prior to sending for my stickers. Here is the timeline:

    Aug 24 application sent.
    Sept 13 sticker received #753xx.

    This is not a typo. The DMV is now issuing stickers with values above the 75,000 limit. I
    assume that this means that some lower number values have been by-passed because of
    applicant non-compliance.

    It is probably to late to get carpool lane stickers for any new cars purchased today,
    however, a Honda dealership in Palo Alto is buying up used rental fleet Toyota and
    Honda Hybrids with stickers already attached. So you can be sure of getting a sticker if
    you purchase one of these cars.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    rcvd sticker with HE76xxx, confirming #'s in excess of 75K

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