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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    lol sorry , i meant paul was right. opps.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Does the special processing unit ever answer their phone? I have been on hold for 2 hours.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!


    I also got my 06 HCH with Nav. for 23900 plus tax and license on Jan 21. Fortunately I did not have to wait at all (dealer did only have two hybrids left that day) @ Metro Honda in SoCal.

    Sent app on Jan 24 with VIN only
    Check cleared Feb 10
    Got stickers Feb 16 at 4834X

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    I put a deposit down on a Prius at Capitol Toyota in San Jose on 11/13/2005; I was told the wait would be six to eight weeks, and that it would be a 2006. After eight weeks I had not heard from the salesman, so I called him, and he said I should be getting one soon. On January 23rd I received an e-mail from the salesman stating that production of the Prius had been curtailed, and that I would have to wait another six to eight weeks. Fearing that the HOV lane stickers might be gone by then, I decided to look out of state to see what I could find. I called almost all of the dealerships in Phoenix, and managed to find one that had a silver 2006 package 6 available (if I had been willing to take a package 7 with the NAV system, I could have obtained one in Reno). I flew down to Phoenix on 1/26 and picked it up. I paid $28970 out the door.
    One the way back home, I stopped at the DMV in Blythe CA (almost empty and no waiting in line) to see about getting the car registered in California. They started the paperwork and did the vehicle inspection (the woman who inspected it had never seen a hybrid before and didn't know how to classify it, for the record the fuel type is “Q”), but said I needed the Arizona title or a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO), and a smog check. I had been warned by a friend to expect the smog check requirement on any car purchased out of state. I told the DMV woman that it didn't make sense to me, but she insisted that it was required. She collected $319 from me, making the cost $29289, not counting the $180 ticket on Southwest Airlines.
    When I got back to San Jose, I went to a local smog place. They said that they couldn't smog check a Prius, but maybe the test only place next door could. The guy at the test only place told me to call the smog referee and talk to them. The smog referee told me that since the Prius was exempt from smog checks, I didn't need one to get the registration.
    Once my check to the Toyota dealer cleared the bank, they issued an MCO and sent it to me overnight. I went to the local DMV on 2/2/2006 and waited 45 minutes see someone. I explained the smog check issue to the clerk, but she insisted that I needed one on any car from out of state. She went ahead and entered the information from the MCO, and lo and behold, found out that I didn't need a smog check. She claimed it was because I had an MCO and not an out of state title; I decided not to argue. She began to give me a hard time about the odometer statement that the dealer gave to me, but her supervisor told her it was acceptable. At that point she gave me the license plates for the Prius.
    That afternoon I drove to SF to get the Hybrid FasTrak transponder. I put the required paperwork, including the license plate number, and a check for $8 in the mail to the DMV on 2/3/2006. I am eagerly awaiting my stickers, but the check had not cleared as of 2/17/2006, so I know from the posts here I have at least a week more to wait.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    My stickers arrived!! Sticker number 487xx!!!! They are about 1200 remaining as of the start of the week of Feb. 13 before they hit 50,000.

    Purchased car Jan. 27 and Hybrid Transponder
    Mailed in application Jan. 27
    Check Cleared Feb. 6
    Sticker issued Feb. 11
    Stickers Mailed Feb. 15
    Arrived Feb. 18th

    I did call Sacramento on Feb. 15th and since my VIN was not in the system they didn't know they had been issued. Probably because the dealer was slow on the paperwork and m VIN was not in the system. Sacarament asked me to fax them a copy of the cancel check which I did. I sent the fax the same day the stickers were mailed. As you will note above it appears the stickers were already issued.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    1. I buy my toyoto prius at toyoto sunnyvale
    some dealer don't have waiting list. you can check the craigslist or make a phone call. the salemen in that kind of dealer compete to sell the car first.

    2. I mailed my 8$ check at jan 13. check cashed at jan 27. sticker arrived at feb-12.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!


    Thanks for the info on the purchase of your HCH. I put a $500 deposit down with a dealer in So Cal about 2 weeks ago. He told me he would sell it for $23,900 plus tax and license and said it would be about 2 months before a blue one with nav came in. I talked with another dealer in So Cal that told me it was first come first serve and if I was there the day the truck rolled in he would sell same to me for $23,900. (I have an insider there watching for the trucks to arrive.) Went to another dealer today and was told I could process all the paper work and order the car I wanted and as soon as it was built for me I could purchase the VIN number. When the deal was almost finished he told me $25,900 and stated that ALL THE DEALERS were charging between 2K and 5K mark up. I told him he was full of Sh**#! and walked out the door. He followed me to my car and tried to explain the mark up. I told him I had done my homework and was not desperate enough to pay that kind of mark up (all along knowing that there were probably many more that are and I will never get the car this way!) Oh well, I am hoping that the other 2 dealers won't try to raise the price once and if the car actually comes in. Thanks again.

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!


    I went to my local Honda dealer in San Jose, and was also told there would be a $5K dealer mark-up on the HCH, making it from $23,900 to $28,900. I told the salesperson I was unhappy with this type of price gouging, and he responded that it was simply a matter of supply and demand.

    It's difficult to justify a hybrid when all the gas savings and tax incentives go to the dealer instead of the consumer, with this type of mark-up. My other concern is what the resale value of the car is going to be 5 years down the road, after we've paid a $5K mark-up over MSRP. I don't think Kelly Blue Book is going to care that we were foolish and paid more than list for this vehicle.

    Nonetheless, three days after I visited the Honda dealer, I received a call that 6 new hybrids had come in to the dealership that day. Within 5 hours (from the time I got the call, until the time I was able to get there right after work), all 6 had been sold, and apparantly, one that had been previously held by deposit was sold to someone over the phone 300 miles away. The sales staff were incredibly nervous, probably never/rarely having to deal with this type of situation. I overheard one customer trying to negotiate with the dealer over the price of a hybrid, without any luck. The cavalier attitude, is "this is what we're going to charge you--take it or leave it--cause we have one hundred people in line right behind you, so stop you're whining or get out of the way". There's already a $4K mark-up on the HCH over the standard Civic Hybrid, so to add another $5K seems just plain ridiculous. But, in this frenzy, people are willing to do just about anything--on both sides.

    With carpool stickers running out, I doubt the frenzy will end until the last incentive has run dry.--RJG

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    Error: I meant to say there is already a premium charge for the Civic Hybrid over the standard Civic (non-hybrid)--sorry for the typo. --RJG

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    CA DMV Clean Air Stickers SUCK!

    We refused to pay markup on our Prius so did what someone in November or so suggested on one of these boards:

    Went to toyota.com
    put in requests to 28 or so dealers for what we wanted, in Southern Cal, Phoenix and Vegas.

    Waited for the emails from the dealerships.
    Responded to the emails that we wouldn't pay a dime above MSRP, and wouldn't go on a wait list.

    That weeded out all but 4 or so dealerships.
    We were really nice to those sales persons!

    Sales person called when something close to one of our 3 option package/colors choices arrived on a truck.

    When our #2 choice finally came in, I rushed over and paid cash, exactly at MSRP, per written confirmation [even though I was leaving town, literally from the dealership, and couldn't take delivery for another week].

    No attempt was made to try tacking on dealer markups [several Prius dealers had insisted that they always add that crap, like rims and floor mats. So I gave them the chance to do MSRP, they refused, we crossed them off our long list. ]

    So, shop around, ask if they have an "internet discount" which is MSRP, and get the price confirmed in writing via email or fax, so they are obligated to honor the price, or be liable for "bait and switch,"

    and wait for the call that your "truck load" as come in [and then, really, rush over because it is first come first sold, in places that don't take deposits]!

    Once the call comes, ask the sales person to "pull the keys" for "your car " until you get there.
    some dealerships allow sales persons to do this, others don't, but that way another sales person can't sell it from under your contact [which happened to us twice while we were on vacation...]

    It was interesting while doing the paper work at the dealership, to hear a couple walk in, who had not done the "internet sales confirmation" get quoted the markup.

    And they paid it, not having done their research.

    Now, if those HOV stickers would just arrive, since that's the only reason we went with the Prius rather than the 400h, for the 19 months, or whatever, until the HOV Hybrid waiver law expires....

    We've already driven to Vegas twice from L.A., out of the three weekends since purchase, and it's just an amazingly gas efficient car that eases the guilt on pleasure trips!

    Best of luck shopping.

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