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    carrying bikes, skis, snowbrd HCH'05

    Hi there, I'm really close to buying my first hybrid, likely the '05 manual Civic. It seems just right for me on a day to day basis... But sometimes I need to carry toys. How can I carry bikes, skis, or a snowboard?

    I saw the thread on tow hitch model, but didn't see other related headers, and don't see a way to search the discussion. I'm hoping to use a roof rack rather than towing.

    In the tow hitch thread, Paul said carrying a kayak on his aftermarket roof rack brought mileage way down.

    How much down? Does anyone have add'l data/experience?

    Does anyone know if it brings mpg down just to *have* a roof rack, even unloaded?


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    carrying bikes, skis, snowbrd HCH'05

    The nice thing about my Yakima roof rack is that it's dismountable - you take it off the roof in seconds and store it in the trunk! No wind drag whatever. When left on the roof, it doesn't lower the mileage much at all - but why leave it on the roof?

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    carrying bikes, skis, snowbrd HCH'05

    I have two VW TDI diesels (Passat sedan and Jetta wagon). We took three bikes (on the roof) on our recent vacation, on our Jetta wagon.

    Normally I get about 55-60 mpg with this car on the highway (imperial gallons, about 45-50 mpg). Three bikes on the roof knocked off about 10 mpg.

    Simple matter of aerodynamic drag. The rack alone (without bikes) knocks off 3-5 mpg.

    It's a Thule.

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    carrying bikes, skis, snowbrd HCH'05

    Carrying stuff on the back on a tow-hitch receiver will still lower your economy. Though probably not as much as a roof rack would. I prefer the rack over the hitch myself.

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    carrying bikes, skis, snowbrd HCH'05

    I'm at Lake Tahoe right now - see my trip report blog entry on carrying a kayak on my HCH at http://www.hybridcars.com/blogs/hybr...carrying-kayak

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    carrying bikes, skis, snowbrd HCH'05

    A roof rack with wind deflector will lower your mileage by 3 to 5%. With bikes on the roof (it varies depending on the number of bikes and the load in the car) it will lower your mileage by 15% to 30% minimum. A hitch rack or trunk rack will also decrease your mileage, in addition to waving in the breeze and coating the bikes with whatever you drive through.

    If you routinely carry only one bike, stick it in the back seat (easy with front wheel off) and leave the roof rack off until you need to carry two or three.

    Nothing looks quite so silly as a small hybrid with a big rocket box on the roof. That's throwing away much of the mileage capability that you've paid so dearly for.

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    carrying bikes, skis, snowbrd HCH'05

    weird contraptions on a hybrid for camping, etc, may look silly but 99% of the time it's still likely just used as a raw commuter car.

    so, if all week i get my 40's and rig something up on weekends and get way down in the low 30's i'm going to be too disturbed.

    see ya

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