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    Will Subaru step up to the plate?

    I like the look and size fo the Subaru Legacy and Outback. Does anyone know if Subaru plans to produce a hybrid version?

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    Will Subaru step up to the plate?

    I sent Subaru an e-mail in '03 I believe, telling them that I had been buying Subarus since 1986 and that I was very disappointed that they were focusing on horsepower and not on energy efficiency. I also told them that I would be ready to buy a new car in '05 and my decision would be made based on energy efficiency.

    They actually sent back a nice reply stating that they are researching energy efficiency as well, but they did give me the same lame excuse--since proven wrong by Honda and Toyota--that customers want only power. (Customers actually want torque, but the auto companies don't seem to be smart enough to figure that out.)

    Anyway, I have read various articles that they are working on hybrid models, and one of the things they are pursuing is using capacitors (instead of batteries) for storing electrical energy. I'm not an electrical engineer, but I would think that capacitors would have a longer lifetime than batteries, which would reduce that major cost.

    I hope Subaru does come up with a high-mileage car. I've always liked their designs and innovation in the past and would like to support them in the future.

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