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    It's true that I bought a

    It's true that I bought a 2006 Accord Hybrid and sold it after 2 months. The car is really a piece of crap. I tell everybody to never buy an Accord Hybrid.

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    Did you ever get the problem

    Did you ever get the problem fixed. It is the same problem I am having and my mechanic doesn't know where it's coming from. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Has anyone experienced a

    Has anyone experienced a chirping sound from the front passenger side of the car? I have had the Honda Accord Hybrid since 2005 and have 86K miles on it. I purchased the extended warranty as I was concerned that the battery would have problems once I got out of the standard warranty. No problem there, and it has been a reliable car, but the chirping (sounds like a cricket) is driving me nuts. I have found some belt slipping problems on the web related to the 1997 Accord that is described as a chirping sound, but was wondering if this is unique to my car or if anyone else has heard this. It happens typically between 35 and 45 MPH.

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    I bought a 2005 Hybrid

    I bought a 2005 Hybrid Accord 4 years ago and in July 2009, I started hearing the humming sound and it exists around 45-60 MPH. The performance of the car is unaffected, but the humming sound is so annoying. Thanks for the service letter. Gotta go...I'm off to the dealership. Thanks for the tip!

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    My husbands car had the same

    My husbands car had the same drone and we took it to Custom Sound and they disconnected the wire to the microphone. The drone went away !!!! The dealership in Round Rock Texas told us Honda knows about the problem but there was no recall. Drove us crazy for ages but not any more.

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    change out that honda evil

    change out that honda evil battery with a high power pep boys battery, that honda 07 accord hybrid runs like a powerful chevy.

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    My '05 HAH also had a

    My '05 HAH also had a frequent check engine light under full acceleration. The problem turned out to be the crank sensor. After it was replaced the problem has not reoccurred and the car now has 56k miles. Only adding Gas every 450 miles and changing the oil every 6k miles.

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    I have a 2006 Accord Hybrid

    I have a 2006 Accord Hybrid that was a dream car the first year. No problems.
    Last winter my mileage started to drop both local and highway from 28-34 to 24-28. They did a computer upgrade and things were fine again. Then the auto-stop quit working when I first started up the car and would take a few minutes to kick in. The dealer said it was because of the cold. The temp range is 10-100 degrees. I said OK. But this summer both problems reoccurred. I've had it in several times with nothing found. On my last vist (armed with actual mileage) they had it three days and say they can find nothing wrong. They say it's working within the cars parameters.
    Anyone else having mileage or auto-stop issues?

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    I have a 2005 Honda Accord

    I have a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid. I too have the droning sound in the summer months only and it cost too much to fix and now that it is cold that problem is on hold as the cold caused my IMA light to come on and the electric part of the hybrid no longer works!

    Any suggestions? I want to trade this car in and when the salesman asks me I can say no problems that are unusual!

    I live in Vermont so yes it gets quite cold up here.

    Anyone else experiencing the IMA check engine light? Is there a fix and how much will that set me back?


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    I have a 2005 hybrid has

    I have a 2005 hybrid has anyone experienced that when coming to a stop or applying the brakes at over 40 mph it seems like the front end makes a humming or rattling noise and my check engine keeps coming on and off and the auto stop has been working on and off and I noticed a drop considerably on my mileage. Has anyone been told why or how come??? It took 4 visits to figure out that I need the anc changed I don't want to be without a car since the nearest Honda is about an hour away..

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