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    S/B 06-005

    S/B 06-005

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    I too am having the same

    I too am having the same loud humming noise, intermittent. 2005 Accord Hybrid. Has been doing this since day one, dealer says it is my engine mounts. Please send me the bulletin.


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    When we got our 2006 Hybrid,

    When we got our 2006 Hybrid, it made odd noises once it warmed up and turned the hybrid system on. The dealer resolved it by replacing the entire dashboard wiring harness.

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    YES!!!! I have been told it

    YES!!!! I have been told it was my valves.... It comes on and off whenever it feels like it. Let me know what you find out Please.

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    I have a 2006 and I get that

    I have a 2006 and I get that too. The dealership says they don't hear anything.

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    2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

    2005 Honda Accord Hybrid just plain sucks.

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    I have a Honda Civid Hybrid

    I have a Honda Civid Hybrid 2003, I canīt used it cuz the Transmission is very delicated, I did repared it 3 time in this year, for the same problem, for every one I have to spend a lot time to get the body parts, and a lot money too... each repair was work only one week, and the piece was damaged again.

    Somebody help me. giving me a advice.

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    Are they any good for

    Are they any good for teaching in? I'm a driving instructor btw

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    In regards to the annoying,

    In regards to the annoying, loud, humming sound: The accord hybrid can deactivate 3 of the 6 cylinders for optimum efficiency. This causes a loud, base, "thumping" sound. The car's stereo is fitted with a noise cancellation device with a microphone in the overhead light fixture. It works like Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones. The stereo (whether on or off) sends out an opposite sound wave to cancell out the engine noise. Some of the cars developed problems with the microphone, so you could hear the out-of-phase thumping sound out of the speakers. It is a known, easy fix at the dealership. I have heard the noise in my car two or three times, but not enough to bother getting it looked at. From what I've heard, they treat it like a recall.

    Regardless of the other posts here, I think this car has the best combination of power and efficiency out there! 255 HP, and I can get 42 mpg on the highway if I drive it like grandma. (that's driveway to driveway, Boston to Maine.) On the HW, with cruise set at 70, I usually get 35 - 37 mpg depending on the roads. That's the beauty of cylinder deactivation!

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