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    following up on what

    following up on what "Dick2005" i have the procedure but for the non NAV/GPS version of the '05 accord hybrid.

    "if you do not have the NAV unit follow this procedure.
    1. Turn the ignition switch to ACC (1) or ON (11)
    2. Turn the audio unit ON.
    3. While holding down both the "Preset1" and "Preset6" buttons simultaneously, press the AUDIO PWR knob.
    4. "DIAG" will appear on the audio unit display to indicate you have entered the self-diagnostic mode.

    NOW, while in Diag mode turn the ANC ON to OFF by pressing the #1 button, A LOW
    frequency hum (50HZ) should sound for up to a minute. While this low frequency HUM is Sounding turn the engine on and the HUM should GO AWAY. Now drive your car and see if the low frequency drone has gone away! "

    I have tested it and loved it i hope all of you find this useful!

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    yea its the noise

    yea its the noise canselation unit its on the radio seccion its about $700 dollars

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    My apologies in advance for

    My apologies in advance for any hardcores or passionate mechanics out there, but I have a pretty bush-league fix for the ANC issue, and it's FREE. I was waiting to see if there were any adverse effects (I did this on my 2005 HAH about 9 months ago when the droning noise ramped up in the warmer Spring weather once again). I've put about 20,000 miles on it since, and nothing is different - except for an absence of the noise.

    Basically, all you do is unplug the ANC unit that is on the back of the stereo. There is a great YouTube video series (search 2005 HONDA_ ACCORD_ HYBRID ANC_replacement_Part01, then part 2 and 3) on how to remove the radio and access the ANC unit. If you want to order the part yourself (at a cost of around $3-00ish?) you can complete the project, but if you just want the blessed noise to go away, just unplug the unit.


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    I just bought this 05' HAH @

    I just bought this 05' HAH @ 79k miles and been driving around with this annoying humming/drone noise as mentioned by most people. This occurs when the hybrid system (assist) kicks on and off and noise more present when on low acceleration. Thanks to MOOSE he found a cheap/inexpensive fix to this annoying noise. I disconnected the ANC unit behind the stereo unit. Took it for a drive and sure enough the noise is gone The front speakers work fine has no affect whatsoever. Thanks again moose.

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    I have a 2006 honda hybrid

    I have a 2006 honda hybrid and I have the popping nois or back fire noies. Is there a fix for this.

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    Please send me that bulletin

    Please send me that bulletin from Honda. I am considering the car at this point.
    Thank you,

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    Please send me a copy of the

    Please send me a copy of the bulletin, it may help my situation with noise.

    Thank you

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    THe funny thing is, they

    THe funny thing is, they will give you 2,000 for the trade, do basically a few cosmetic things to it, then turn around and sell it for 12 grand...Its how car dealers make money(selling used cars)
    My sister turned in her CRV, they gave her 10 grand for it, then it was on the lot within a day for 16,999...
    These dealers are in the "business" to make money...
    We traded in a 2003 dodge neon with a bad tranny on our 08 accord..and They gave us 1950$...a day later, its was front & center in the used car lot for 4,999....

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    I purchased an 05 Accord

    I purchased an 05 Accord Hybrid new in March of 05. It's now Feb. 2012, and it still drives like new. I have put 211,000 miles on this car and fully expect to drive another 200k. The car has been absolutely fantastic! I have gone through several sets of tires, brakes, and other maintenance, the most costly being the timing/serpentine belt which I replaced around 150,000 miles. Otherwise, it's been gas and go. I have had none of the issues I have read about in earlier posts. In fact, I have been looking for another 05 Accord hybrid to buy as a second car for my wife.

    I average low to mid 20's mpg city driving - not great, but I am a fairly agressive driver which makes a difference, but this car has so much get up and go it's just fun, but on the freeway using cruise control which is most of my driving, I get 40-43 mpg between 55-60mph, at 65mph I get 37-39, and at 75 I get 34-37. I live in the midwest so there's a lot of roling hills etc, but I've been very happy. I plan on replacing the shocks & struts this month when I tune it up. I'm sure it will drive like the day I drove it off the lot. The car is still quiet, and smooth, plus everything still works - the auto shut off, the battery system, power doors, windows, mirrors etc, absolutley no problems, and it still looks great too! I'll never sell this car...I wonder if I can get it to 1,000,000 miles...

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    What ever happened to your

    What ever happened to your wife's 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid. I have a 2007 HAH and am experiencing the popping/back fire and the dealership said the popping sound is normal. They are basically shooting in the dark when the engine light comes on regularly. They changed my intake tube and now want to replace the valve.

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