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    I will be more than happy if

    I will be more than happy if anyone can email me the honda service bulletin, I just got a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid and I do want ??? prepare down for the unexpected. Please anybody, help please, send me the bulletin. Bugflector2@yahoo.com.


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    I need the bulletin too,

    I need the bulletin too, someone please email it to me. Bugflector2@yahoo.con

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    My wife has a 2006 Honda

    My wife has a 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid and it runs perfectly. She had a 2002 Mercedes E320 before and this Honda is more fuel efficient, has a better navigation system, handles better and has a more powerful engine. If we drive it within 3 mph of the posted speed limit on the highway, we get 40 mpg. Otherwise its around 25 mpg in the city. We will trade it in for a 2012 BMW 335ix next year. My daughter has a 2011 BMW 335ix and my wife likes it.

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    I have a 2005 accord hybrid,

    I have a 2005 accord hybrid, the noise issue was fixed for me the first month I owned the car back in 2005. The only other issued that I ever had was the check engine light came on and stayed on and the ima stop working. This happen at the 100,000 mile mark. To fix this issue, get the valves adjusted. I have been perfectly happy with the car. It's the first foreign car that I have ever purchased. I have owned fords and chevys in the past and they have always been 10 times more in the shop then my Honda has been in it's lifetime. I been so impress with the car that I just purchase my second Honda vehicle.

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    I have had a Civic Hybrid

    I have had a Civic Hybrid from new for over three years. petrol consumption has consistently been much lower (Avg. 38mpg) than my previous 1800 Nissan ( 43 ).
    Five AA callouts - failure to start and dash lights flashing.
    I am avoiding Hybrids until much more proof of reliability and honest MPG figures.

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    could someone send me that

    could someone send me that service bulletin from the honda dealer please. i can't take this noise any longer. thanks

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    107,000 km, 95% highway

    107,000 km, 95% highway driving. Engine light came on for 3 days, then out. Took it in for oil change, and asked for a report. Catalytic convertor needs replacing plus the two sensors, one in front, and one behind, plus a control module. The convertor is under warranty still.Total price around $2,600. It is 2006 hybrid Accord. Any suggestions. Thanks bajar de peso

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    i would love 2 have a copy

    i would love 2 have a copy because this noise will send people crazy

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    Hi, I was reading on 2006

    Hi, I was reading on 2006 Honda Hybrid because were are about to purchase one in the next few days. It is now 2011 and would like to know what was your experience with the car?

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    Hi, I just read your comment


    I just read your comment about a separate Hybrid Warranty that covers the Hybrid system. Do you recall how approximately how many miles were on your car when this happened?

    I've never heard of the extended Hybrid warranty. My battery pack has gone bad and I'm hoping that Honda will replace it under this extended warranty.

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