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    I noticed a chirping sound

    I noticed a chirping sound too about 6 mo ago. Mine is a 2006 with 65k miles on it. Trying to find out what it is.

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    My 2005 HAH's (71k miles)

    My 2005 HAH's (71k miles) IMA and check engine light went on this morning but it seemed to drive just fine. I didn't want to drive around with the light on, so I took it to the dealer and they said it was a software update for the battery pack related to service bulletin 07-003. My invoice says "cont code B99" and "fail code 07201" if that means anything. They said it was covered under the factory warranty, not my extended Honda Care warranty (I have 7yr/100k miles). Light is off and car seems to running fine. Hope I don't have another problem anytime soon.

    I also took my HAH to the dealer in Jan 2009 for the check engine light and they told me it was service bulletin 07-016 and they recalibrated PGM-FI wtih HDS (whatever that means). They told me that one was not covered by either factory or extended warranty, but I complained to Honda Care (called them while I was at the dealer) and the dealer waived the fee as a "courtesy". They still charged me $29 for the tech to look at it though. Invoice said "cont code 0320" and "fail code 0321".

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    I have a 205 Honda Hybrid.

    I have a 205 Honda Hybrid. There is some serious cracking/tapping noise coming out of he top cylinders. I have tried everything I could to get rid of the problem but all to no avail. The noise is coming from the rockers (or assumed so).

    Has anyone experienced similar problem and how did you resolve it?

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    I love my hybrid car. It is

    I love my hybrid car. It is fast, luxury and very nice but after at least 3 times of more than one week repairs, I finally realized I have a lemon honda accord and I will return it. Please send me the bulletin you have and any other information you have related to the problems those cars have.

    thank you


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    Okay....anyone know what is

    Okay....anyone know what is going on I have a 2005 HAH I had my timing belt and tensioner replaced a year and a half ago....it has a 104,000 on it right now....anyways....my check engine light came on and it started idling rough. I towed it in the honda dealership they said my timing belt had jumped a couple teeth...got lucky i didn't trash the engine....anyways i took it back to installed my timing belt they reimbursed me the price honda had charged just to diagnose what happened...and they put on a new tensioner....so far the car is running good....however, the repair guys said they can't guarantee it won't happen again....they said their may be harmonic noises which may make it shift again...and jump teeth again...does anyone know anything about an underlying problem with this engine?

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    Please provide me with this

    Please provide me with this info. I am having the same prolem.

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    Please send me a copy of the

    Please send me a copy of the service bulletin. I have gone through the steps of clearing the noise, but it doesn't last for long, and comes right back. Thank you.

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    Recently bought a pre-owned

    Recently bought a pre-owned 2006 HAH, have yet to drive the car as it is being license/clean...etc. Im excited and cant wait to have the car in my driveway. Anyways, this is my very first hybrid car, Iam very concern with all of the above comments. For the 2006 HAH owners, has there been a resolution to the pop sound it makes when accelerating after a complete stop? noise issues? Please email ntan@hotmail.com any help/suggestion would be appreciated.

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    2005 accord hybrid. doesn't

    2005 accord hybrid. doesn't seem to be shifting to battery power. started out by hesitating alot and thought it had died on the highway, but then shifted to gas. check engine light came on at the same time i noticed the problem. 128k miles.

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