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    Anyone noticing that on the

    Anyone noticing that on the 2007 hybrid model, the assist mode works very inconsistently? I noticed unless i really step on it i dont see it assisting at all. And sometimes it assists fine, but it seems at low speeds where i really need it its not assisting, or it will start and then stop. For example after i get to about 30 the eco light will come on and the assist bar will start lighting up and then i feel a shudder and the eco light and assist bar dissapear. Should it be assisting me more? Also every so often i'm getting a hard shudder and i dont know if its the transmission or the car not being able to decide what mode it needs to be in. PLEASE anyone that has input on this or has peace of mind for me that would be great!
    Thanks in advance


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    When you say vibration, do

    When you say vibration, do you mean vibration between gear shifts?!

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    Purch new 2005 HAH w/ 53K

    Purch new 2005 HAH w/ 53K miles no repairs except left driver door lock and one 12V battery. Feb 10 the CkEngLt + IMA light came on. Put in new 12V battery, shop computer said it was the 12V battery, they updated the computer for $95. Ran fine 10-days same two lightw came on again. When this happens just before it the Auto Stop quits working. Now the Auto Stop works, no ECO light, but charge goes down fast on Hybrid Battery and goes up fast on same. The battery seems all over the place, but working and Auto Stop works. Appt. Mar 9 to get codes read again. Dealer hinting it might be Hybrid Battery. Checked gas cap, brake pressure cap seal, all other settings match manual. This car has been great hope it can be fixed and go back to just driving it withou thinking about the lights and hybrid functions. Have had noises reported by all but felt it was not bad enough to get fixed.

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    Had a 2005 HAH. about

    Had a 2005 HAH. about 106,000 miles (2012) decided to trade in on a new FIT (needed smaller towable car). The performance of the car was exceptional, mileage was acceptable (32 MPG), minor problems generally except wheel alignments were a real pain probably due to unadjustable C/C design - unusual tire wear. Learned a lot with the trade-in experience - needed scheduled maintenance of timing belt/water pump at $1000+, dealership (Missoula) offered $2600 below NADA trade-in for "average" condition (car was better than average condition). Later increased to $1600 and would not increase offer. Although a high-performance vehicle, other sales people said that buyers are concerned about battery life beyond the 100,000 miles and huge cost to replace them. Big point is that the resale value (and reputation) of Honda vehicles appears to me to be far less than the advertise. We have a 2007 Odyssey also, check the problems with this model on line and the apparent lack of customer care/loyalty that American Honda Auto demonstrates in dealing with these problems.

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    I would like to know how UR

    I would like to know how UR problem was fix and were can I take my vehicle. I just purchased a 2005 hybrid.

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    I can't understand why that

    I can't understand why that matters, as he couldn't figure it out by the sound the the first time. I just want it fixed. If anyone has any ideas, please post.Tech Updates

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    I notice all the issues with

    I notice all the issues with this time of car is accord & 05
    Nothing with civic 09 cuz that the one I wanna buy but if anyone
    Knows that it has same issues can ya let me know before I spend my $$$$ please & thank you

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    I get a noise at start up

    I get a noise at start up that is a "click, click, clicking" noise. I hear it mostly at start up. I can't tell if it goes away as the car warms up or if it goes away after the electric boost motor turns on and off.

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    I bought a used 2005 Honda

    I bought a used 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It had approx 30k miles on it when I purchased it in 2007. I have had zero problems with it. I've changed the oil, replaced the tires (just recently) and replaced the regular battery for $109. I get great gas mileage and will keep this car until the wheels fall off...

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    2007honda accord hybird auto

    2007honda accord hybird auto stop don't always come on is this normal? for i just got the car last month

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