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    SEcond time my 2005 hybird

    SEcond time my 2005 hybird had the vibration once and 2 months later its back. Firtst time they changed the transmition and bottom half of the engine. now back to the dealerssip tommorw for more testing. SOOOO ANNNOYYYINNGG

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    are there any 1st genration

    are there any 1st genration insight owners with weak batteries and faulty IMA computers out there? does anyone know a way to convert the hybird to a regular ol' gas engine car? i have tried but low and behold this beastette has no altenator so the car goes dead after awhile.

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    Hello, what year is your


    what year is your honda and how much did the replacement cost you?

    Thank you

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    Mar 2010 I bought a like new

    Mar 2010 I bought a like new 07 NAVI HAH with 2,800 mi. I experienced the drone sound on the eight hour drive home after picking up the auto. I learned about the SB from this forum and lucky for me Honda will fix the ANC under warranty which runs out in April 2010. I'm thrilled with the driving experience. The HAH is more refined in the little details vs a equivalent V-6 non hybrid. It looks better (side mirror lights/taillights) and rides better with 16 inch tires and 200 extra pounds. It's quieter due to the battery compartment serving as a sound barrier. I'm getting 34mpg on the NAVI readout without the engine being broke in. You can make the case for this car not because its a hybrid but because of the features, VCM, autostop, electric power steering and other non electric motor tricks to improve FE. With the depreciated prices the HAH is a value when you consider its FE and refinement.

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    please send me the service

    please send me the service Bulletin from the Honda Dealer re:Noise Cacelation issue

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    I am thinking about buying

    I am thinking about buying an 05 Hybrid,took it for a 15 min test drive and could not hear any of the issues that are on this board.Also no vibration of any sort.It has 75,000 miles on it and feels like you are driving a high end sports car.After reading these posts I am having second thoughts about buying it.

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    Service Bulletin 06-005

    Service Bulletin 06-005 covers Humming or Booming Comes Front Speakers for the 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid. let me know if you want a copy

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    Never mind, I found a

    Never mind, I found a link.
    driveaccord.net%2Fforums%2Fattachment.php%3Fattach mentid%3D23972%26d%3D1249762284&rct=j&q=Humming+or +Booming+Comes+Front+Speakers&ei=msPDS-35OcT68AaixfjjCA&usg=AFQjCNH2Ij79yjtOSqSjfY1AyuWo-sYSSQ&sig2=qPFzj2PooULuaNNjtI67Og

    let me know if this helps

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    Purchased a 2005 Honda

    Purchased a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid 2 1/2 months ago and am also experiencing the humming in the dash on occasion. Not enough problem to get rid of the car if it doesn't get any worse.

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    Can you send me a copy of

    Can you send me a copy of the bulletin if you still have it?

    Thank you

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