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    Wife just had hers scanned

    Wife just had hers scanned (auto-zone does it free of charge) and it said there's a problem with the battery module for the IMA. Scanning the net now for any more info on repairs.

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    AIDA, Haven't heard of the

    Haven't heard of the brakes issue. You could try a local independent mechanic, but may ultimately end up at the dealer. (p.s. I changed your post so it was not ALL IN CAPS. People may misconstrue it as yelling.)

    Your vehicle is probably still under warranty for the IMA.

    Eric Powers

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    Rick07, Make sure you don't

    Make sure you don't have the front defroster on. When it's on, the car will usually not shut off at stops. I think the defroster uses the "full power" air conditioning setting to dehumidify the cabin air. When that's in use, the engine stays on. I also get less "green bars" of regenerative braking when using the defogger.

    In the winter, my in-city mileage drops, especially for short trips, usually into the low-mid 20's. Until the car warms up, it's just a V-6... once warm, and for longer trips, back into the mid-30's.

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    My IMA light came on last

    My IMA light came on last year. It was covered under the longer Hybrid standard warranty. I forget what the time frames are, but all parts of the car directly associated with the Hybrid system (batteries, IMA, etc...) are covered for a longer period of time than the rest of the car and power train. They either updates the firmware or replaced a computer part, I forget which, but was completely covered under warranty.

    Other than that fix, and the annoying droning sound in the summer, (doesn't bother me enough to get the microphone replaced), I've had no issues with the car. Runs great, excellent mileage, goes like a bat out of hell.

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    Eric Thks, just


    Thks, just frustrated... Will follow up with dealer.

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    The experiment of using

    The experiment of using hybrid technology to boost performance, rather than improve fuel efficiency, backfired in the marketplace. Case in point: the Honda Accord Hybrid.I have a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid. I too have the droning sound in the summer months only and it cost too much to fix and now that it is cold that problem is on hold as the cold caused my IMA light to come on and the electric part of the hybrid no longer works!

    Michael Gentry


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    HI I have the same humming

    HI I have the same humming sound...and I think it comes from something not in place either in the hood of the interior of the car or in the trunk. If you bang hard enough on the mid cousol where you keep the change you will hear it vibrate the thru out the entire car.

    Can you send me that bulletin...I have brought to my dealer and they claim they hear nothing...


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    Hey Guys, I notice that a

    Hey Guys, I notice that a lot of you people have this problem too. It actually not the engine, but the stereo system. It must have something to do with noise cancellation system.

    This usually happen after a long drive, the stereo for some reason produce this noise that sort of sound like the engine but it actually not the engine.

    A computer upgrade solve the issue, with no cost to you.

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    I have a 2005 Acccord Hybrid

    I have a 2005 Acccord Hybrid that has had the same problem. In my car, the problem was from engine mount that had torn. I had one replaced when I had my timing belt replaced, which helped reduce the noise, but I've not sprung for having the other one replaced.

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    I had a serious

    I had a serious humming/vibration sound at about 20-30 MPH on my 2005 Hybrid. It turned out to be engine mounts that had gone bad and needed replacing. That solved the hum

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