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    This forum has a copy of TSB 06-005.

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    I would be interested in

    I would be interested in seeing this Honda Bulletin. The vibration in my 2005 Accord Hybrid is getting worse. No help from the dealer. Usually happens around 40 MPH.

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    Hi, Could you email me that


    Could you email me that bulletin to



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    I also have the loud bass

    I also have the loud bass type noise happening in my 2005 Accord Hybrid. I brought it to the shop this morning and they said that they know what the problem is, however, they haven't told me yet. Could you please send me the bulletin as well? Thanks!


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    Please send me a copy

    Please send me a copy

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    Please send the service

    Please send the service bulletin. I am experiencing the same annoying humming/droning noise with my 2005 Accord hybrid.

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    Hi all, I want to share my

    Hi all, I want to share my experience with my <a href=http://www.hendrickcars.com/for-sale/used-2007-honda-accord-se~v6_sedan-charlotte-nc-1489006.html>Honda Accord</a>. At first the engine runs normal but as it heats to normal temperature it will start running very rough. So I check some wires, cap and rotor. I even replaced the fuel filter but it did not work. I just solve the problem after I bring it to the mechanic and have my car tune up. The mechanic told me that they have replaced my fuel pump because it is already malfunctioning.

    So I guess you try to visit you mechanic and have you car tune up.

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    Just had this item repaired

    Just had this item repaired by the dealer August 2008. Out of warranty but Honda of America provided Good Will Assistance. Issue was a faulty Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) unit referenced in the below link. Total cost to repair $611 - which included the unit and replacement of the two from speakers. Honda covered the parts, I ended up with the labor - $150.

    This link has a copy of TSB 06-005.
    http://www.driveaccord.net/forums/at...5c852b3a71d08a ..

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    After being at Honda for

    After being at Honda for over a week with black smoke coming out the tail pipe and bucking in gear, Honda has finally decided that at 75K miles we have a cracked engine head. Since the engine is out of warranty they want to charge me $3,600 to import the part and then charge me labor. Since I own $16k on the car, I have to fix. If we're "lucky", Honda corporate may pick up part of the cost - if they don't pick it all up, that's the last hondaa I'll ever own and I've been a loyal honda driver since the 80's.

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    Hi Do you by any chance

    Do you by any chance still have the service bulletin for the humming noise?

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