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    thika muchro saklu nange

    thika muchro saklu nange gottididre naan yak site nodlttidde

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    Foe anyone requiring more

    Foe anyone requiring more info

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    Hi, India is set to produce


    India is set to produce the World's First Air-Powered Car: Zero Emissions
    The problem that I have with hybrids and all electric vehicles is the source of electricity. Electricity in the United States is mainly produced by burning coal. Oil, natural gas and coal are the major suppliers of electricity throughout the world. Nuclear plants service some communities but the cost of running them and disposing of the waste are major drawbacks to a long-term solution. All of the fossil and nuclear fuels are finite resources. Cars powered by electricity are still essentially running of the byproduct of fossil fuels. Companies are developing cars that run on hydrogen have the same problem. The most economical way to produce hydrogen is by the steam reformation of natural gas. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_economy) Once again, we are back to a finite fossil fuel, natural gas.
    Cars that run on compressed air have the best chance of meeting our transportation needs. I think that a compressed air car with a solar panel on the roof to run an air compressor with a battery and small bio fuel backup will be the best feasible solution.

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    Compressed air is awesome!

    Compressed air is awesome! Lets use it for everything.


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