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    Air Car - Car Runs on Compressed Air

    Have anyone heard anything about the new air cars that is being manufactured in Spain and Portugal? The vehicle runs on compressed air, sort of like an air compressor used for power tools on construction sites. The car can reach top speeds of 82 MPH and can travel 1240 miles with on board gas tanks to run the charger. Almost No Gas, No Oil, No Battery. Recharging can take only 2-3 minutes to refill at a service station. Check it out at:





    Curious to know what others think about these cars.

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    Air Car - Car Runs on Compressed Air

    To my knowledge, these cars are not yet produced.
    If you have other information, I would be most interested to know where you found it.

    There are pros and cons compared to electric-hybrid cars.
    Compressed air (at 300 bar) takes a lot more space than an advanced battery pack and its overall efficiency is lower. On the other hand, the technology is really cheap .

    By the way, there are some other companies working in this field. Swiss company The Aircar AG announces an Airsquad this and an Aircar next year. Its website: www.aircars.ch (only German).
    There is also a company in Korea

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    Air Car - Car Runs on Compressed Air

    I am unable to find much recent news in English. Most all the information I can find is in Spanish. But below are a few sites I found in English.

    There is more information about the air cars on "How Stuff Works" website at:




    This information above is several years old but explains it well. It appears they made some progress with the air car since this information was put on "How Stuff Works". The car top speed and distance traveled has been increased since then.

    You can also read about the air cars on:




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    Air Car - Car Runs on Compressed Air

    Seems that the company (MDI) is now focusing on stationary applications. Their cars won't be available before end 2006.

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    Air Car - Car Runs on Compressed Air

    The Korean Air Car mentioned on CNN:


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    Right now their top speed is

    Right now their top speed is a slow walk! You can jog faster. It's going to be a lot longer for one of these to be a viable alternative.

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    Letīs see some more info

    Letīs see some more info about it on http://www.aircar.info

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    I saw lot of cars model and

    I saw lot of cars model and rates from this site.You can also just visit this site.Thanks.


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    this is a great website and

    this is a great website and i like it i used it as a referebne for a project at my school

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    Hi, I have been reading

    Hi, I have been reading about this for the past 3-4 years now but nothing actually has materialized ie no car has come to the road. Will it just die out?

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