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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    Dear People @ Hybrid Cars.COM,

    How can I join the discussion forum ?

    I have a question about the Highlander hybrid.

    Has anybody exact figures on the emission level of this vehicle. I do not mean its a ULEV but the exact output of this vehicle.

    I just recieved my new Highlander overhere in the Netherlands, It came from the USA, and Im going to have it EPA / TUV certified overhere.

    From Toyota I only recieve the normal "from behind the desk" info that it complies to....

    So if somebody can help me out it would be great.

    Have a great weekend to all.

    Best regards,

    Martin J.M.Verschure

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    What does a non-hybrid Highlander get?

    I don't find 8-9 l/100 km much to brag about. We have an old 4-cyl Honda Odyssey 7 passenger van (our third vehicle, only occasionally driven now that we have two VW TDIs), that can get around 9 l/100 km on the highway without any fancy technology besides a Honda 4-cyl, 2.3L, 150 hp VTEC engine.

    It is a very practical vehicle, not too large, good carrying capacity for our family of 5. If car makers just made good efficient vehicles like that rather than going for the biggest all the time, we'd be in better shape, and wouldn't need fancy technology to make a oversized vehicle get the same mileage as one that is "right-sized". That, plus the European trend towards smaller-displacement engines.

    Mike G.

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    I've had my HH Limited 4WD since mid-July and am getting approx. 26 mpg combined. I think my city mileage is worse than highway, as the only time I've broken 30 mpg was on the highway. I do live in hilly Seattle, but I was hoping for better.

    I am grateful to be using less gas than my old '96 Volvo 850 Turbo wagon (17 city/ 29 highway) which my HH has replaced. I feel I've netted out better in terms of roominess, stability (with the 4WD which we'll use a lot skiing this winter), and power, all while getting better gas mileage.

    That said, I would have gladly traded some of the horsepower for better gas mileage.

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    I have about 3000 miles on a 2WD Highlander Hybrid. I still consider this to be breaking in. I have driven mostly on the highway with the air conditioner on. I have to drive at near 75 to 80 mph just to keep up with the traffic in the northeast. Unlike most people I have been recording gallons and mileage for all my vehicles in a book for decades. Try 2,570 miles divided by the gallons used in 2,570 miles, that's accurate. (empty tank to empty tank). Based on an average for several months I am getting 24.5 MPG. I expect a slight improvement without the AC operating. The gas powered Highlander with the 3.3 liter six gets a true average of 19 MPG. I am very happly with the Highlander Hybrid gas mileage and performance. It is also fun to sit in traffic when the engine shuts off while Hummers waste gallons next to me. Most four cylinder powered cars really get about 26 to 35 MPG (except for AWD Subarus, expect 22 MPG). My 95 Corrola wagon automatic gets a true average of 33 MPG. That is quite good, but it is tiny when compared to the Highlander. The Highlander can also tow 3,500 pounds. The best my 1988 Ford Festiva ever got was 39 MPG with a 5 speed stick. Of course, that car was a deathtrap.

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    We've had our Highlander Hybrid since late July and have about 4800 miles on it. I'm currently averaging about 28 mi/gal. My driving is really combined city and highway. The owner's manual recommends premium gasoline. Can anyone comment on the difference in milage between regular (87) and premium (93) gasoline?

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    I have about 2700 miles on my HH and I'm getting about 28 in the city (chicago) and 28-30 on the highway.

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    I have had my HH since June, have a little more than 2000 miles on it so far.

    I live in Los Angeles where the traffic is horrendous and there are lots of hills.

    By using cruise control and going at 65 mph I can get 30 MPG highway. Any faster than 70 mph and the efficiency suffers.

    My commute is only 5 miles; it is relatively straight and flat, and if I use the gas pedal to only accelerate up to cruising speed then feather the pedal to activate the electric engine I can get about 28 MPG city on a good day.

    However, one annoying thing that really eats my efficiency is that the gas engine ALWAYS turns on right after I start, and won't shut off until I've driven about 2 miles or so. Because of that my actual end (total miles driven / total gallons used) MPG is about 26 MPG - this is actually about 1 MPG worse than the LED screen indicates (it says ~ 27 MPG).

    Anyone have any ideas about how to shut off the pesky gas engine?

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    You won't find any better resource than this:

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid


    You could just idle in your garage for a couple until the engine shuts down

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    Actual Mileage for Highlander Hybrid

    I live in Los Angeles and drive about 105 miles roundtrip per day to work (yes it's a long drive and I go through a lot of books on CD).

    I've had my HH since July and have almost 7,000 miles on it. I'm getting about 25-26 mpg without the A/C on and 23-24 mpg with it on.

    Overall, I'm very disappointed with the mileage. Call me an optimist, but I was expecting a realistic mileage of 28 mpg.

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