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    Recent camping trip towing a 3000lb trailer we got 21.5 MPG towing.

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    I bought my 4WD 07

    I bought my 4WD 07 Highlander in March 07. It now has 14000 miles. My overall mpg is 27mpg. It runs about 25 mpg in the winter and 28 mpg in the summer. Best tank was 30 mpg (summer trip) and worst tank 24 mpg (winter time commuting).

    All these are pen and paper calculations. The electronic readout runs about 1 to 1.5 mpg higher than my actuals.

    I am very pleased since I was only hoping for 25 mpg overall when I bought it.

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    I get between 21 and 27

    I get between 21 and 27 (winter to summer) I am very unhappy that they inflated the mileage so much since the car costs so much- I am interested in persuing this as a group if others are out there. I like the car, I just explained to the dealer that it is worth several thousand less as it will cost several thousand MORE to fuel-

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    Hi Brent! I am also getting

    Hi Brent!
    I am also getting an average 23 mpg. Mostly highway driving. Have owned my HH since January 2008. Best mpg (calculated) has been 26 mpg. Worst was 22 mpg. Drive < 65 mph.

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