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    2004 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT

    I drove with my wife and two 12 year old grandchildren from Paso Robles, CA over highway 46 to highway 1 up to Big Sur and back to Cambria, CA and averaged 50.3mpg.

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    2004 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT

    We went out to Wyoming this summer in my '04 HCH. Wife, big kid and as much luggage as we could pack in. 90% at 80mph. Airconditioner on almost all the time.

    Crossing the Bighorn mountain range, we passed about as many as passed us.

    4488 miles, 38.2 mpg.

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    2004 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT

    Good job Ed!
    That 50 sure feels good.

    I have a favorable daily commute and stretch it as far as I can possibly stretch it.

    Last tank came to 941 miles and it took 13.6 gallons so I did 69.2MPG.
    That was my best to date, but I fear my current one will come up short due to everyday storms, driving rain and constant headwinds.

    2004 HCH CVT

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