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    EMF Danger: Urban Legend, or Real Risk?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if any research has been conducted into electro magnetic radiation by hybrids?

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    i feel sick riding in

    i feel sick riding in hybrids, there is a strong EMF field produced by them, isn't that an obvious thing? Strong fields are harmful for your biology, and should be taken seriously.

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    Theoretically EMF's are

    Theoretically EMF's are risky things.But i don't know how it is been in practical conditions.There is a lot of analysis to be made to identify the facts.

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    Batteries. There is no

    Batteries. There is no magnetic field coming from batteries. There can only be a magnetic field if the current is changing. 12V Dc battery does not change. No magnetic field. Nothing to measure. When a switch turns it on and off there is a magnetic field produced. That is how electric motors work. Hybrid Cars have inverters, changing DC to AC. This can produce magnetic fields. Most cars are made of iron and steel. This shields us from magnetic field. If you are inside a metal car very little magnetic fields will be in there. EMF has never been shown to effect people, even if they are living under high voltage transmission lines. Many people feel sick because they are exposed it EMF. The feeling is real the cause however is not EMF.

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    All debate concerning the

    All debate concerning the possible long-term health effects due to long-term exposure to EMFs aside, I have a pressing question of immediate concern.

    I have a pacemaker, installed about two and half years ago. I am a huge car fan with a great interest in alternative fuel vehicle tech. My pacemaker requires that I give up things like using a wire welder due to its high EMF output and other types of activities that could subject me to high EMFs (magnetic imaging is a definite no no). So, I'm concerned about exposure to levels that the limited shielding encasing my pacemaker can't withstand. There are a lot of us out here with pacemakers, so some real hard stats would be nice before we start buying hybrids or plug-in electrics.

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    Someone who says "great

    Someone who says "great place to work and visit" but "corrosive to the soul" should pack their crap and move out of my country. People like you who take the advantages given here, then complain, thinking the grass is always greener in other countries (without pesticides) should practice what they preach and move!

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    I think they are not safe. I

    I think they are not safe. I just meet someone who is very sick now from driving a hybrid, and EMF can cause cancer.

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