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    2001 Prius steering noise

    My 2001 Prius has developed steering noise that began at about 95000 miles
    and has increased and gotten worse at about 105000 miles. Bought car new and have had it serviced in Boone, NC. They were told about it but were unable to fix. EHL

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    This noise appears to be common on earlier

    Prius models. Some which are taken care of by Toyota, others are not. My belief it is the individual dealer that either works for you or against you. Try taking it to another dealer and see what they say!

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    I bought a new 2002 Prius

    I bought a new 2002 Prius which has approx. 22,000 miles now. A month ago I began to notice a strange noise (like dragging rubber soles on a rubber mat) when turning the steering wheel to the right (not to the left). This gets louder when the outside temperature gets warmer. I took the car to the dealer, and they could not find anything; they just "removed air bubbles and cleaned the brake linings." The next morning I heard the noise again, and I took the car in again the following day. The "advisor" told me that he was afraid that the steering column may have to be replaced at a cost of approx. $2,000 (for which I would have to pay since the car has been out of warranty since Nov 07). The replacement part has been ordered and will get in next week.
    This steering column problem seems to have been experienced by other Prius owners as well, and I am quite upset about it. Toyota should cover the cost of the new part and just charge for the labor.

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    2003 Prius - 124000 miles -

    2003 Prius - 124000 miles - 1/29/2008

    My prius started horrible shaking for a few bursts at a time only while turning.

    Took it into dealer and they said it's the electric steering assist thing. Cost about 1400 to fix + another 600 in labor.

    This car has been remarkably good up til now, so we'll probly pay it. Not much choice anyway. Hope this helps.

    This is in the St. Charles Pappas Toyota in Missouri.

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    I was the previous

    I was the previous commenter.

    I meant to date the post 1/29/2009.

    It's my steering that is shaking when turning. But only occasionally.

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    we were having the same

    we were having the same problem -- we just bought a 2001 Prius with 75,000 miles. Noticed that same sensation when turning. we took it into the dealership in North Carolina where we bought the car and they couldn't find anything wrong. We're in IN for a vacation and took it to the dealer because the check engine light came on at the start of the trip. They're saying it's the power steering (some electronic part) and it will cost us $1900 to fix. Not sure we have any recourse but to pay?

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    I just LOVE all these

    I just LOVE all these "anonymous" postings.

    HEY "ANONYMOUS"... Are you a flunky for GM, or Ford???

    Who's paying you to run around the net, trash talking the hybrids?

    The same people who killed the electric car?

    If you are a Prius owner, or interested in the Prius, have the #$% to put your name on your post!

    Gary Schaut

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    I have a 2001 Prius, bought

    I have a 2001 Prius, bought brand new. At 43k miles the steering rack was replaced because of loud knocking. At 68k miles the steering rack was replaced because of loud knocking. At 106k miles the steering rack is knocking again. Small town driving in Illinois as the 8 years and 106k miles would verify. One would expect a bad part, or lemon, from time to time. I would love to know if anybody has similar issues, or a non Toyota replacement part that would last

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    Yep. Me too ! 2001 Prius.

    Yep. Me too ! 2001 Prius. Great car EXCEPT it has a steering mind of its own. About ran me into the shoulder on Interstate 5 the first time. Finally figured out it is a electronic (computer) steering issue. They use a set of torque sensors to tell the electric power steering motor which way and how hard to assist the turning.
    Only problem is if you're not turning... It wants to turn on its own. This was subject of a major recall in 2001.
    Talking to Toyota Corporate Customer Service (Paul, yes I named you ) they fall back on the original 36,000 mile Warranty. Well, we're all far beyond that, No one here in L.A., yes the BIG city except the dealer, will work on this. All parts have to come from Toyota and they only ones who'll fix it are the dealers.
    I think the expensive price acts as a deterent for older Prius owners to fix this. 40MPG doesn't balance the loss of life from such a problem. I'm writing to NHSTA. Anyone want to join me ?

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    Chatsworth, CA. My 2002

    Chatsworth, CA. My 2002 Prius has the same problem and has been making the noise when I make a right turn for about a year in a half. Currently the car has 90,000 miles on it. The Toyota Dealer claims that the problem is the rack and pinion. They also said it would cost $2,000. I have been driving it with the problem ever since. In rainy wheather the noise stops, if I jack the car up so the wheels hang and let it back down the noise stops for a day. Would like to know if your steering column replacement solves the problem.

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