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    we have an 08 prius with 4k

    we have an 08 prius with 4k miles. Occaisionally we get a high pitched noise when turning. The dealer wants to help but it never occurs when we take it in. I heard it out side of the car today and it is louder than I thought.

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    I have a 2002 Prius. The

    I have a 2002 Prius. The steering wheel shakes. This is a concern.
    I was told by my local dealer that it would cost $2,800.00 for the new parts and labor. OUCH!
    I may see if I can get a used part...any other suggestions out there?
    I live in Olympia ,Wa.

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    About the rubbing noise. It

    About the rubbing noise. It didn't happen to me in my Prius, but it did happen in a Mazda we also have. Unfortunately I live in CZ and my Czech is not good enough to understand what the mechanic said it was (some rubber part in the suspension, not in the steering macanism).

    Anyway, it was quite cheap and quick to replace.

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    I own a 2002 Prius, has

    I own a 2002 Prius, has 93,000 miles on it, I was recently (May 2010) driving at around 65 mph on a freeway and the car suddenly lost the power steering assistance and the speed dropped to around 20~23 mph, multiple warning signals came on the screen: a battery symbol, PS, and the car shape with a ! in the middle. Took the car to the service center in San Diego, got a quote of 3571 dlls parts and labor. Reviewing the maintenance records on the car I found that I took the car to the dealer for the same symptoms once in 2004 and three times in 2008 and every time they cleaned a sensor or could not replicate the problem. I also found that Toyota had issued two TSBs to the NHTSA in 2004 (Service Bulletins #04010 and 0403) where they acknowledged the problem. I called the Customer Experience Center at Toyota and they denied any type of assistance to cover the cost of the repair due to the high mileage on the car, they did call the service center in San Diego to see if they would be willing to help but they also denied any type of assistance.
    Is there any recourse other than paying the bill given the fact that the problem was present since 2006 and Toyota didn't diagnose the problem correctly?
    Maybe going to arbitration with the BBB or filing a claim with the NHTSA?

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    I bought a re-manufactured

    I bought a re-manufactured R&P for $900 from Garo Steering in West Park FL and got a local shop to install it for $250. It's been fine for 6 months. Cold weather will be the true test.

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    I have a 2002 Prius as well.

    I have a 2002 Prius as well. My steering started shaking and vibrating while turning and backing up at slow speeds when it got really cold this last December '09. I took it to the Toyota dealership I bought it from, and they ran a diagnostic on it for $100. They told me it was the rack and pinion and would cost around $2000. I decided to take it to a local very reliable automotive repair shop for $1700. They replaced the rack and pinion, and the steering seemed to be fixed for the past 7 months, but it has started doing the same shaking within the past few weeks, when the temperature has been at its hottest here in Texas. It's like extreme weather conditions have a say in whether my steering wants to work properly, but maybe it's not really a factor. Will be taking my car to the shop as soon as I can do without it for a little while. We'll see what they say this time.

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    Steering shakes violently

    Steering shakes violently when backing out of driveway with slight turn to right. The problem is intermittent and has occurred maybe half dozen times in the past year or so. It is always a surprise but this morning it was frightening. Feels very much like an old VW with bad steering damper but does not require a bump in the road to initiate. Temperature is always between 60-80degF. Car is 2003 Prius which otherwise is great a car

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    2002 prius. Steering shakes

    2002 prius. Steering shakes when turning - especially when first turning on in the morning.

    I am concerned about the safety of the car. If there isn't a recall on this system, there should be. Or class action suit. I was quoted $3500 by the dealership. No way.

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    Had this 2002 PRIUS for two

    Had this 2002 PRIUS for two months now, sadly i didn't do some research first before buying this kind of car. same steering problem as other prius owners, shaking violently when turning and didn't know this is a serious problem until i found out today on this web page. i took my car to one of the Toyota dealer in NZ but they said that there was nothing wrong with the car. But my wife is scared to drive the car again now.

    I heard on the news on radio and tv not long ago about the list of services/product most trusted by customers and Toyota was in Top 5 of the list topping all car maker in the world i think. Now i am questioning that survey.
    Come on Toyota where is the Technology, do we have to still " BELIEVE " as the word written on your forehead.
    At least we have so many options on the market now aayyy

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