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    We have an 06 Prius. We

    We have an 06 Prius. We bought it used with 7k miles. It just ran out of warranty in July.

    We also bought it high when gas was spendy, so it's resale value dropped almost $8k in the last year.

    The steering is doing the same issue as discussed on these posts at 32k miles.

    Toyota has refused to pay for it. The dealer is so embarrassed, they offered to pick up half of it. It's a $1600 repair, $800 to me.

    We told them as soon as they fix it, they can buy it. The $860 our cost on this accommodates 10,000 miles of driving at 25mpg How can that pencil?

    I think it's time to start Tweeting this issue, as I will not own a Prius (or a toyota) for a LONG time!

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    I have a 01 Prius. At

    I have a 01 Prius. At 15,000 miles, I had the rack replaced under an early recall. A few years later, I got a letter from Toyota mentioning a different problem with steering and claiming they would extend the warranty service.

    I now have 68,000 miles on the car. It is mushy when turning left and does not return to center. They say I need a new rack etc. for $1300 + in parts and labor on top.

    Any suggestions?

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    I have a 2002 Prius and have

    I have a 2002 Prius and have been having this same shaking motion in the steering column that occurs only at low speeds when turning right. It has been happening for over a year.

    I've had the car since 2005. The car has 165,000 miles and was bought used with 90,000 miles. Other than this low-speed problem I really enjoy my car.

    After talking with the dealer in Annapolis, MD I found out that the steering repair would cost $2,000. I don't have this money to spend and have to wait until this car is 10 years old before I buy a new used Prius. Which I plan to do unless another hybrid or electric car catches my imagination.

    I am wondering if anyone has had an accident because of the intermittant shaking of the steering column? Has anyone had to "put their Prius down" as a result of the defect?


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    This is a first generation

    This is a first generation Prius, if you have an uncontrolled flutter the sensors in the electric rack cannot find center this is fixed by replacing the rack and there is an updated ps ecu. If there is a clank in the steering when moving it slightly side to side you need to have the the universal joint checked on the steering column to see if it has play. These are all normal where items, have done it on both of my high mileage 1rst gen prius

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    I imported a used first

    I imported a used first generation Prius to my country in africa without much research on its history. The vehicle has developped the same problems as highlighted by the previous writers. Next time I venture into buying, I will always make some research.

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    I have been having troubles

    I have been having troubles with steering usually when I start it up. If the vehicle is cold, is happens a lot. The other day it began to shake suring the middle of the drive. That was scary. I had to pull over to the side of the highway, shut off the car and start it again. It was fine that time.

    Yesterday, though, I had to jump my Prius because of cold weather. Then on the way home it started shaking. I couldn't turn it off because it had just been jumped. It shook for 15 straight minutes. My arms were jello when I got home.

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    2002 Pruis w/114k miles.

    2002 Pruis w/114k miles. Last year the steering wheel occasionally vibrated like a maniac upon low speed left turns and backing especially in cold weather. Summertime and it all but disappeared. This winter it returned with a vengeance and I got a $2,500 + $1,000 quote from the dealer with a diagnosis of "needs new Rack & Pinion (R&P) and ECU" (!). Not economical on this old car. I bought a re-manufactured R&P for $900 from Garo Steering in West Park FL and got a local shop to install it for $250. I thought I had it licked until the cold weather made it give a little shake just like a year ago. Warm weather - it disappears. Like Toyotech13 says above, I may need the ECU replaced or "updated". The cost of the ECU will dictate whether I endure the shakes, hoping they don't worsen, or spring for the ECU.

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    We have a fleet of 15 Toyota

    We have a fleet of 15 Toyota Prius 2008-2010. Took one out on the freeway one day at 60 MPH the handling was terrible. Wouldn't steer straight. Had to correct constantly. Would not buy one of these cars. We mostly drive on city streets. The car probably had less than 7500 miles on it at the time.

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    Yes, I want to join in

    Yes, I want to join in writing to the NHSTA. We've owned our Prius for over a year. For last two months we have a steering wheel shudder. The price on the part (steering rack) just doubled and the cost is now over $3000 to repair. Toyota HQ told me the same thing they told you-they weren't the least bit sympathetic. My issue is that if this is a faulty part and not the result of normal wear and tear, I think Toyota is responsible. They told my maybe I "did something myself to cause the problem" and when I said there's lots of other Prius owners with the same problem they said maybe all these other people have done something to cause it too! I asked if this was a safety risk and they would not tell me other than to say "the steering could go out on any car". I love my car, but this is really bad customer service and Toyota not taking responsibility for a bad part. (they know it's bad, they had an extended warranty on it!)
    We are currently investigating trying to turn the car into manual steering because we can't afford to fix it.

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    We have a 2002 Prius and our

    We have a 2002 Prius and our steering block was replaced for free. The steering wheel would shake violently when we first started driving. At first the service representative said he never heard of this. When it happened again I left the car at the dealer and they replaced everything for free. Obviously there is a known problem.

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