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    ???Electrical Water Pump???

    Im an engineering student and I am doing research on hybrids. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the electric water pump in the Prius. Ive heard different things, that it didnt have an electric water pump in the older models, but others have told me that it did. Also, does anyone know if the electric water pump is centrifugal or flow through, or anything about the flow rate?? Any information would be helpful. thanks.

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    Water Pump for Prius

    The Prius has an electrical water pump for cooling the inverter and transmission. This has been on the Prius since it was introduced. I have an 01 and 07 Prius and the water pump is at the front left of the car. Since 2004 the Prius has an additional hot water storage system that preheats the engine so this has been added.

    I suspect that it is centrifugal since it whirs and the water comes in at the center and out the edge. No idea of the flow rate.

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    According to my knowledge

    According to my knowledge using an electric Water Pump can be a great solution to freeing up a little horsepower. You may also eliminate a belt by using an electric water pump. Electric water pumps come in two basic types: Most electric pumps are a direct replacement for your mechanical pump. These mount in place of your standard pump. Remote water pumps can be mounted away from the engine or even on the radiator.

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