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    Prius rattling noise

    I just went to test drive a 2005 Prius and when we were coming back to the dealership, a rattling noise came from the engine compartment when the car was slowing _ probably at 5-10 mph. It wasn't the air conditioning.

    The salesman asked someone else and we were told that it was just that car, that if we wanted we could test drive another car, but we didnīt have anymore time yesterday.

    Is this rattling noise normal? I will appreciate your comments.

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    Prius rattling noise

    You might have heard the gas engine shut down, if there was a slight vibration (as sometimes happens when the gas engine shuts down) that might have been it. It sounds "funny" to an ear not used to a Prius. My Prius makes all kinds of interesting noises - some of which I can "guess" (like the pump pushing hot water into the thermos type bottle after shut-down, for use to warm the engine before the next start-up, for example). Of course even Toyota cars are not 100% perfect all the time (close, though) so the one you drove may have had a fault.

    Don't let the experience put you off. You won't be sorry if you get a Prius, though the way the taxation situation is you may want to wait until January in order to get a $3150 Federal Tax Credit instead of a $2000 deduction (worth about $500 if your tax rate is 25%). I got my Prius thinking I'd get $2000, but my tax accountant says they changed it from a credit (the whole enchelada) to a deduction. Just like the government, give with one hand, take back 3/4 with another. Next year, don't dawdle on the Prius, though, 'cos only the first 60,000 Prius cars will get any money off Fed. tax - after that everyone's on their own - zero tax help.

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