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    I filled up my Prius this

    I filled up my Prius this morning. I've driven 140 miles and it still shows full on the gauge. This is the first time this has happened.

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    2005 Prius- no gas problems

    2005 Prius- no gas problems but there is occaisionally a strong raw gas odor from the car. This fills the garage and seeps into the house. Anyone else ever experience that?

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    2005 Prius - just started

    2005 Prius - just started getting a strong gas odor today. It's most noticeable in the first few blocks after starting the car, but is still detectable at other times. Has anyone gotten any answers about this from their dealers?

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    like someone above said, the

    like someone above said, the best thing to do is take it to the dealer and have them take a look at it.

    it is under full warranty, I am sure, so you should not worry about the $

    do let us know what they say

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    My 2006 Prius smells like

    My 2006 Prius smells like gas, too, when I drive it. It seems to get worse when I'm on the highway or when I have the AC on but my shirt smells like gas pretty much everytime I drive it.

    Took it into a Toyota dealer - guy thought we were nuts. We even paid about $300 to get a full system check (including replacing all filters, checking for fuel leaks, etc.) Didn't find a single problem with it. And it still smells like gas.

    Has anyone gotten this problem fixed successfully?! (Help! I feel like I'm being poisoned in my own car!)

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    If the smell of gas is that

    If the smell of gas is that strong, it should be possible to trace it's source with a flammable gas meter.

    NOT a normal tool at a garage, but you (or your mechanic) can rent them from safety supply houses. A good meter can measure hydrocarbon vapors down to 100ppm. Just have to sniff around the car's interior with the meter and play a game of Hotter/Colder.

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    Yes, I have a 05 prius and

    Yes, I have a 05 prius and am smelling gasoline. Do you know why this is happening?

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    The mechanic can try

    The mechanic can try "sniffing" around the car with an exhaust probe to try to find a gas leak. I beleve it shows up on the VOCs looking like incomplete combustion.

    But that may only work it it really is gas and not something else.

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    My 2007 Prius starting that

    My 2007 Prius starting that thing where it doesn't want to accept gas. I slowly leaked some in because my tank was almost empty. After it happened a few times, I took it in to the dealer. He was rude to me, saying "why did you keep trying to put gas in? You probably ruined the sensor!!". I said, why doesn't it say on the gas cap not to drizzle it in slow? He said that they had to put in a new "sensor", but after my warrenty runs out, which it has now, I would have to pay for another one....ugh! It still happens, but the last time, I was far from home with a blinking bar and just had to drizzle it in slow again...will it really ruin some part inside the tank?

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