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    Prius cargo cover screws falling out

    I've had my '04 Prius since May of last year and love it. But I've been having a problem with the screws from the clips that hold the cargo cover (the roll-back one) in place falling out. Toyota Canada doesn't have a part number for the screws, so they've had to order me an entirely new cover each twice now. The service and parts departments tell me that only my car has had this problem and they can't explain it. This past weekend, I've had to order my third cover. Has anyone else had this happen in their Prius? Does anyone in the US or elsewhere know if you can order the screws?

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    Prius cargo cover screws falling out

    I have had this problem with the screws falling out...but I have never lost one yet!! I carry the appropriate sized screwdriver with me, and replace the screw...never had more than one at a time, and is usually the same one! The screws look like the size that should be available at some kind of store..perhaps auto parts or home improvement centre or electronics store?? It's worth a look.

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    This has been happening to

    This has been happening to me since 2004. I've tried gluing the screws into place, but they keep falling out. Toyota has no solution.

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    Same problem for me. Lost

    Same problem for me. Lost one of the two clips! Ugh. Have tried to rig something to function the same because I don't want to buy a whole new cove. Next stop... junk yard to see if I can buy them from a wrecked car.

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    Just went out and looked at

    Just went out and looked at the cover on my 2008 Prius. You're talking about those 6 little screws? Three on each end cap? They are called "self tapping sheet metal screws". If they keep falling out, the hole inside may be a little worn out. Try the next larger size screw. These are probably metric screws. So go to a hardware store with one of the screws, and buy an english measurement screw thats "just" a bit larger. That should solve the "falling out" problem.

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