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Thread: I love my prius

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    I love my prius

    I had a 03 WRX and I commute 55 miles each way to work and my wife (3rd Shift) commutes 25 miles each way. I was spending $80-$120 a week not including my wifes car in gas depending on how many out of office appointments I had. This week I only spent $33.00 and that included my wife using twice for work.

    I am saving a ton of $$$. Enough to make the payment on the car. The car is paying for itself!!!!!!

    I love this car althuogh the interior colors are too light - might as well have wihte seats. With kids it will look like hell in 2 years.

    July 29, 2005

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    I rented a Prius to go on

    I rented a Prius to go on vacation and at first I was like oh no not a Prius, the butt of Jeff Dunham jokes but I loved it so much I'm buying a Prius V!!I love the gas millage and the interior is roomy and the backseat is big enough for two growing children. I prefer the hatchback over a trunk anyday. My only problem is the car not getting enough torque to get up the hills of TN, it struggles a bit and looses speed and the blind spots due to the drivers seat/headrest when you need to change lanes. But other then that it's a winner in my book. I have had my share of the American Muscle cars and my v-8's.I was amazed at the mpg with this car and the cost to fill it up, I drove away from the pump with a smile on my face. For $35,000 fully loaded it pays for itself in the long run. Now the only problem giving the car back to the rental company!!

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    Ok, I don't know how to

    Ok, I don't know how to break this to you... But muscle cars cannot get good mileage. And high mileage cars don't have oversize engines. Personally, I find my Prius to be a little overpowered. I'd be willing to give up 20HP for better mileage. 60mpg instead of 52mpg.

    As far as the blind spot, I added small (3") round spot mirrors to the Prius rear view mirrors. I'm a truck driver, so I'm used to using spot mirrors, and they totally eliminate any blind spots. Don't even have to turn my head to have 360 view.

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    Interior liberty and

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