Everything I've seen so far has sold me on my next vehicle being a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Looks like Toyota is on to something good with their hybrid technology. With only 45,000 HH's in the que to be sold in the US, it looks like dealers and Toyota has got the prices buttoned up good.

I'm looking for one in Bluestone Metallic, 4x2, Ash Cloth, with Package #1 (JBL Stereo system, Powertilt & Moonroof). Problem is availability and cost. Nice that Toyota is giving good financials on standard Highlanders, but not passing such good deals along to potential customers of the HH. But what can one expect from Toyota when they have such a hot item.

Maybe it would be best to wait until MORE volumes of HH are sold in the States before breaking down and purchasing one? Hey TOYOTA...listen up...good opprotunity...increase production volume, lower the cost and provide some sales initiatives for the customers.

Any dealers in the North or South Carolina region with some good pricing? Love to hear from you.