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    What kind of gas should I use?

    I bought my 05 HCH last week and have been wondering what type of gas I should use. I checked the manual and obviously the recommendation is to use gas with an octane higher than 86. However, there was also a "recommendation" saying that it's better to use gas with the fewest additives as possible. I read the thread on Premium Fuels in this forum and see that putting the most expensive fuel is not always the best thing. What do you guys think?

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    What kind of gas should I use?

    The dealership had a new car owner class and that question was brought up. They recommend 87, after 5 years or so if the car starts to knock and ping use higher octane. SAVE your money they said. There something about chevron gas reaching stricter standards for gas by several car manfacturers. Does this makes a difference... Who knows?

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