Have been using Yaesu 8800 (2m/440) in my 2008 Prius with no problems. Also been using an old GE 2m for APRS.

There are several unused fuse circuts in the fuse box under the dash.

I tapped the fuse box for both Ign and Batt hot circuts, and placed a little black box at the base of the dash with power poles.
I also tapped the 12V battery in the trunk for a batt hot power pole outlet in the trunk space. Good for recharging portable batteries on the go. Or running a portable rig from the trunk as Incident Command.

So far, I've been using mag mounts on roof, but I found a nice short trunk lid 2M antenna that I can put on the hatch, and drive into garages without twang, twang, twang...

Absolutely NO problems or malfunctions on the car with two 50W 2M rigs running (and gps recievers, nav computer, scanner).