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    Amateur Radio in Prius

    I purchased my Prius in 2003 in Jan. I asked the dealer for information regarding the installation of an Radio Amateur Receiver and Transmitter in this type of vehicle. I am still waiting for proper installation details. I even wrote to the President of Toyota and an answer that they did not have the details.
    There have been several wipe outs of computers that control many of the Prius functions by passing Trucks running over two Hundred Watts of RF power. The Prius resonates near the 27 Mhz. CB band,internal wiring, and this is a possible cause to their problem! WB9PUJ Fort Wayne IN.

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    Amateur Radio in Prius

    I have a feeling a 100w HF rig would be the most likely to cause problems. VHF and UHF ofcourse are unknowns but very popular in Japan and should be a more known quantitiy.

    Let us know how you make out.


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    Amateur Radio in Prius

    I put an Icom 207 in my 2006 Prius. This is a 45Watt 144/444 Mhz FM transciever. Despite many warnings in the owner's manual, it works like a charm.

    You wire the radio to the little 29 AMP Gel Cell battery in the right rear corner of the vehicle. I used a trunk lid NMO mount for the antenna. I put the radio in the little plastic cargo tray with Velcro strips. I ran a remote kit forward, and put the control head in the little drawer in the console. No noise, no problems.

    Erik Westgard

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    Amateur Radio in Prius


    How's the radio doing in your Prius now? I bought a 2006 Prius in April and wanted to see how it was working out for you.

    It would be great if you had some pics of how you have mounted your rig too. I need some ideas

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    Amateur Radio in Prius

    I am very happy. No noise, no issues. I have the radio Velcro'd to the right side of the cargo tray liner below the trunk. The remote control head for my Icom 207 fits in the drawer in the center console. I have the mic extension cord tie-wrapped to the passenger seat track. The whole setup is 100% invisible. For my next trick I want to put in HF.

    I think the issue in the owner's manual is harming the air bag system or having it go off. I would not want a lighter powered "rube goldberg" setup in the cabin.

    BTW the car is a wonder. Gets 49 mpg when I drive, 55 when the wife drives. Can't get her out from behind the wheel. I give a demo ride a week for neighbors, etc.

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    Amateur Radio in Prius

    I've had my blue 2006 Prius for about two weeks now and do want to put in a 2m/440 radio. Erik's comments give me encouragement, since I do have a '206. The dealer said that the warranty would be void if a radio damaged one of the computers, so no honkin' power.

    BTW, for those in the market for a Prius, buy it through Costco. I got mine in nine weeks at $100 under MSRP, which, in California, is almost impossible. Our dealers generally are adding $2-4K to the MSRP, and adding chrome wheels, tinting, etc.

    73 de Jim K6VRY

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    Amateur Radio in Prius

    HF works great. Put in a second trunk lip mount to the left side near the top of the hatch. Not a peep of noise.

    I put the radio in the base of the under-trunk plastic tray with Velcro strips. The 207 control head fits in the console drawer sideways when not in use and is held on with velcro in use. The mike goes to a separate jack strapped to the pasenger seat mount.

    After 10K miles the car is still amazing. Years ahead of any other vehicle on the road. The cruise contrl works at 30 mph so keeps me out of trouble in small towns.


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    Erik, what antenna did you use on your Prius. I have just got a 2007 Prius and am looking at installing my Icom 7000 in it.


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    Amateur Radio in Prius

    I recently installed a Icom IC-2200H into my 2001 Toyota Prius.
    I snaked the radio's power cable behind the left seat near the door, and attached the leads to the gell battery in the rear left trunk.
    I working cautiously with safety first -- didn't want to get zapped.
    I attached the mag mount antenna on the roof and turned the radio on.
    Success! Everything worked.
    Then I turned the ignition on (the 1st gen prius has an ignition).
    The computer was not happy -- I got a red triangle alert light
    up top next to the speedometer, and Battery Main Error message on
    the computer display. The car ran fine.
    I detached the cables, and the computer was still not happy.
    The next day, my clock was reset, the red alert was gone, and the
    computer display was back to normal. There was still a yellow check
    engine light. The car runs fine.
    My suggestion is to be very careful on the power drain used by the radio, and also take care with the hydrogen gas discharge. I'm not sure what the
    secondary battery was designed to handle, but the computer is real finicky.
    I would like to know if anyone else has managed to successfully install a 2m amateur band radio in a first gen prius.

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    i have an 07 prius with an

    i have an 07 prius with an icom mk ii g, mounted with separation kit into the center slot which falls open, and looks so custom and beautiful. using a 5k wilson deck lid mount on the driver's side hatch...looks great.... HAVE HORRIBLE NOISE. can't talk ssb at all. have tried filters and they don't touch it. what could be different here? i'd appreciate any help at all. been using it this way for almost 2 years now. i can get out like nobody's business, but you gotta have a mighty big station for these ears.... sucks...

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