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    mileage for mountainous areas

    I drive to work 45 minutes from the mountains of West Virginia. Has gas mileage been tested for the mountainous areas and if so, what is the mpg that any of the Hybrids obtain?

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    mileage for mountainous areas

    Theory says that what you lose on the uphill parts of your trip you gain back on the downhill parts. But if your battery goes flat on a long uphill run, you're just another underpowered car.

    When I do long uphill runs like Donner Pass or Echo Summit on the way to Lake Tahoe from the San Francisco Bay area, the MPG sucks down to the high 30's. But then I can coast home.

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    mileage for mountainous areas

    thanks for the info. I am considering whether it would be beneficial to buy one since I live in the mountains.

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    I live in Pittsburgh and deal with serious mountains and hills alot. Whoever said that what you lose going up you gain going down must be talking about little shallow hills. My 2003 Prius's mileage is low 30s in the very hilly parts of my driving. That being said, it was WAY lower in my other car.


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